Social Media

Love it! Why? Because the scene has moved away from paper-printed media, the days of the ‘Yellow Pages’ and ‘The Phone Book’. In the next few years, the idea is to protect the environment from savaged trees to print news upon. However, what price will we pay for internet scams? There are so many. So, […]

Goostrey Methodist Church Newsnotes

We welcome you to re-establish your roots. Back to focus and forward to focussing. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and in the power of the Holy Spirit recongnising we are called to be a welcoming, praying Church and to share in God’s mission of love to the world. We value […]

Welcome to a Visual Arts Open Studio at Goostrey Station

Between 1 and 4pm on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October, artist Debbie Goldsmith will host a Visual Arts Open Studio on platform 1 at Goostrey Station. Debbie is inviting us to visit the new studio where she will have work in progress as well as a display of paintings, drawing and prints. This is […]

Green Carpet

How did the short and tufty outdoor flooring come about? Love it or groan about it, the green, green grass of home is what connects us with nature. The ‘luende’ as the middle-English tern relates to, is born out of Europe, a glade or stretch of woodland which  became cultivated, in European areas due to […]

Recipe of the week

Italiano Chicken Serves 2 people with a love of a good plateful INGREDIENTS 2 x Skin-on chicken breast fillets 250ml of basil infused passatta 2 x dessert spoons of flaked parmesan 1 x handful of fresh flat parsley 1 x dessert spoon of sunflower oil mixed with olive oil 100 grams of cubed pancetta or […]

Wildlife Project 2021 Goostrey/Holmes Chapel

I have had several people ask me if we have any further projects planned for this year, especially in light of all the climate crisis news, so I hope its okay if I provide this update for all those who have joined us before.   We have planted well over 2500 trees and hedge plants since […]

Keep Business Local

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Sarah and Charlotte took some time out in August; your  has recharged their batteries. We love our readers attention, and appreciate all the time spent reading our posts, journeys and quirky, classy advertorial. As I write, the geese are honking to their nests upon the mere.  Charlotte is on the beach in Cornwall and […]