100 Years Old

Dear friends,

A resident of Mount Pleasant Residential Park, named Stan Reeves originally from Bromwich, celebrated his 100th birthday on February 21st.

As Social Distancing procedures were necessary, Stan waved to all the passers by from the house. A special card stood proudly facing outdoors, to the viewers, from H.M The Queen of England Elizabeth 2nd, and bunting blew in the February breeze, as the gentleman smiled on his doorstep. I wonder, a Century ago, what a birthday would have been like for someone who reached 100 years old.

Happy Birthday!


Sarah McNaught

Congratulations Stan! Lots of best wishes from www.lovegoostrey.com


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    Ah, how lovely!

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    A great achievement! Happy 100th birthday Stan.

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    Happy 100th Birthday Stan!

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