LoveGoostrey report on Leader’s comments

LoveGoostrey report on Goostrey AGM:

Following the recent Consultation process there has been over 550 objections to Goostrey being designated as a Local Service Centre and not one in support.

At the AGM this week Michael Jones, leader of Cheshire East agreed that Goostrey would be ‘treated’, according to the draft local plan, as a Sustainable Village rather than a Local Service Centre (although, as yet, the classification would not be changed).  He also strongly supported Jodrell Bank and said that any development would not be allowed to interfere with the operation of the Observatory.

He confirmed that Goostrey would receive between 30-50 houses over the next 18 years and suggested to the Parish Council that they arrange a Housing needs survey around the village, so the actual housing requirements that Goostrey village needs can be determined.  We at LoveGoostrey are not opposed to development of the village but in accordance with the aim of the ‘Localism Bill’ we believe that the village as a whole should decide what development they want, and not what developers want to impose on us.

Our concern was that, as a Local Service Centre, this would open the door to large scale development of the village which would be impossible to control from a planning perspective.  As a ‘Sustainable village’ this limits development to within the existing settlement boundary allowing some localised infill and includes some affordable housing.  We support the idea of having a village wide Housing needs survey, so we can all have a say to decide how Goostrey will develop over the next 20 years.

We are aware of the first development proposal –  on the former chicken farm between Lea Avenue and Harrison Drive.  This is on the boundary between Cheshire East and Cheshire West, so at this stage we are not sure which authority the planning application will be submitted through.  [thanks to RW Bennett: it is in Cheshire West]

Bloor Homes, the developer, has arranged a public consultation on Tuesday 30th April in the village hall 3.00-7.00pm.

Annual Parish Meeting Tues 23rd

7.30 Goostrey Village Hall, Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Cllr Michael Jones, Leader of Cheshire East Council will be speaking at Goostrey’s Annual Parish Meeting.  Goostrey residents will have the opportunity of putting their concerns to him afterwards during the Public Forum.

The meeting gives Goostrey Parish Council “an opportunity to review the last council year and to consult with ( Goostrey residents ) on relevant issues you may wish to raise”.  GPC represents the residents of Goostrey and “only with your input can that representation truly reflect your views”.

Make your voice heard:  Goostrey should not be classified as a Local Service Centre, it did not meet the criteria.  Local villages/residents use Holmes Chapel as their service centre (health centre, High School, bank, supermarket, etc).


Kent villagers reclaim their status in planning battle

The residents of a village that was reclassified as a town by the borough council so thousands more homes could be built in the area have forced the council to reverse its decision.  But Hawkhurst, Kent struck a deal in a 3 year battle allowing planners to build 240 homes on the condition that it is returned to its village status, preventing developers from “riding roughshod” over their area in the future.

read the Daily Telegraph article by Victoria Ward.

Cheshire East Leader, Michael Jones, recently met Goostrey PC to discuss the possibility of changing Goostrey’s incorrect status from a Local Service Centre to being a Sustainable Village.  It appears the main reason is because Goostrey has a railway station, councillors reported at last night’s parish meeting, and Cheshire East would be reluctant to change it as developers could challenge them.  Residents will have the chance to question Michael Jones (at Goostrey’s Annual Parish Council on 23rd April) as to how Goostrey was wrongly classified – based on the CEC Local Plan selection process.