Grange public consultation

LoveGoostrey hears that there will be a ‘public consultation’ or exhibition of plans in regard to another proposed housing development, of around 60 houses:

Thursday 20th Feb Village Hall re The Grange.​

With the other current applications this would take the total amount of housing proposed in Goostrey far beyond Michael Jones’s view.   Cllr Jones, Cheshire East Leader, promised in last year’s AGM that Goostrey would only have between 30-50 new houses over 30 years of which around 10-15 could be counted since 2010.  We are very concerned that the infrastructure within the village would not cope with the sudden increase in proposed developments if they were all constructed at once.

LoveGoostrey also have concerns with regards to the Grange development and the impact on the Jodrell Bank Observatory; not to mention the significant visual amenity enjoyed by visitors to Goostrey and nearby residents.  The view from Station Road at The Grange has some of the best views of the Lovell Telescope in Goostrey.   We are aware that Jodrell Bank Observatory vigorously objected to the 13 new houses at Twemlow Green despite the provision of electromagnetic screening of this development which is in the direct line of sight of the Observatory and the Grange, with the Twemlow Green site nearly 1 mile further away from the Observatory than the Grange. We as a village have a responsibility to ensure that development does not cause a significant impact on the operation of this world class facility.

We accept that development is required in the village but would request that this is as a number of smaller developments around the village and phased over the full 30 years life period of the Local  Plan.  There is no need for all these houses to be developed now.


CEC says it now has enough housing supply

Cheshire East Council has published its current assessment of housing land supply today – stating that it now has more than a five-year supply of housing land, inclusive of a crucial five-per cent buffer for choice and competition.  However, it remains to be seen if this will be accepted.

Council secures five-year housing supply to protect against speculative developers

Tues 28th housing site allocations Village Hall 6-8.30

Reminder: Goostrey Parish Council are holding a Public Consultation regarding Site Allocations for the Local Plan on Tuesday 28th January in the Village Hall 6.00pm – 8.30pm.  The Parish Council would like as many Goostrey residents as possible to attend and give their views.

update:  This was the questionnaire the parish council wanted answers to:

GPC Site Allocation resident input.

Dates for your diary

25th Jan Saturday. 10.00 Village Hall.  Goostrey Parish Council Planning meeting to review outline planning for 26 houses at Netherlea/Hermitage Lane.

28th Jan Tues. 18.00 – 20.30 Village Hall. Goostrey Parish Council public consultation regarding Goostrey Site Allocations for the Local Plan.  The Parish Council would like as many Goostrey residents as possible to attend and give their views.  Did you fill in your questionnaire?

29th Jan Weds. 1630 – 19.30 Village Hall. Pre-submission exhibition for outline planning application of 25 houses near Mount Pleasant Residential Park.

14th Feb. Last day for comments re Netherlea/Hermitage Lane.

20th Feb. Village Hall. Pre-submission exhibition for proposal of 60 houses on The Grange Livery, Station Rd.

Another housing proposal 29Jan exhibition

LoveGoostrey hear that yet another housing development is proposed, this time for a new development of 25 houses by Mount Pleasant Residential Park………..

‘HOW Planning’ are to hold a Public Exhibition

on Wed 29th January at the Village Hall 1630 to 1930

so that residents can view the proposals.

We’ll keep you posted.

Parish Council public planning consultation 28Jan

goostrey sign


will be holding a

Public Consultation Regarding Site Allocations for the Local Plan


Tuesday 28th January 2014

in the


The Parish Council would like as many Goostrey residents as possible to attend and give their views.

Cath McCubbin


Goostrey Parish Council

The Village Hall, Goostrey, Cheshire, CW4 8PE

01477 535825/07834 230351

Wednesday 22 Jan 2014

Parish Clerk Sharon Jones