Dalton & Dalton council tax bands

Some residents are being contacted out of the blue by a firm of tax consultants, Dalton and Dalton of Bury, suggesting that some houses might have been wrongly banded for Council Tax – and that, for a fee, a back-dated reduction could be arranged.

Dalton and Dalton are a legitimate company but it is perfectly possible for residents to check their own Council Tax banding and, if applicable, apply for any reduction themselves, thereby avoiding paying a fee.  ( If many people arrange re-imbursements would it end up meaning that all council tax rates would have to go up to pay for it ?? )

Below are a couple of handy links.

1. Cheshire East info:

I believe my Band is wrong. Can I do anything about it?

Yes, you can appeal to the Valuation Office. This procedure is relatively simple and free. Whilst they are resolving your appeal, you will need to pay the Council Tax based on your most recent bill. If the appeal is successful, those payments will be taken into account when your new bill is issued and a refund given if necessary. Further details on banding and appeals can be obtained at Valuation Office Agency or by calling the Valuation Office on 03000 501501.

2. Gov.uk Council tax appeal info:

Challenge your band link.

2 thoughts on “Dalton & Dalton council tax bands

  1. Yep had that “fishing” phone call.
    Said “if you know enough about me to think I’m in the wrong Council Tax band, how come you don’t know I’m on the Telephone preference service?”
    End of call.

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