Jodrell Bank object to Hermitage Lane houses

​Jodrell Bank Observatory has commented on the current housing application for 26 houses off Hermitage Lane in Goostrey, 2 miles away from the Lovell telescope:

Prof Simon Garrington states that the aggregate effect of several devices per house in a development of 26 houses is likely to exceed their threshold.
“This quantitative argument supports our general concern about a significant development at this location. We appreciate that additional development may be regarded as incremental, and not a large addition to the size of the village.
However, the cumulative effect of incremental growth will steadily increase the overall level of interference which would reduce the quality and scope of radio astronomical observations which can be carried out at Jodrell Bank Observatory.”
Prof Simon Garrington, Director, JBO comment on Hermitage Lane application
Therefore it doesn’t take much to work out that both Mount Pleasant and The Grange, which are nearer to the observatory, would also be unacceptable.  This means all the sites marked as ‘Developable’ on the SHLAA are not actually deliverable.  We all need to support JBO and resist these developments.  We can’t risk the research at Jodrell Bank Observatory for the sake of a few houses.  Goostrey PC should now withdraw their preference for the Site Allocation at the Grange, as this is clearly non-sensical, and consult with JBO as it looks like there are no sites within Goostrey suitable for any more housing estates.

One thought on “Jodrell Bank object to Hermitage Lane houses

  1. According to the Professor, the 26 houses at the Hermitage Lane site would exceed the recommended threshold levels by a factor of 10, even with simple Electromagnetic Screening protection measure!!!

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