Goostrey housing allocation

Past developments have indicated significant populations of Great Crested newts around Goostrey and Cheshire, but there’s only one Jodrell Bank.  In any case 60 houses* have already been granted planning permission in Goostrey’s Local Service Centre area since 2010 so Cheshire East’s housing Allocation has already been met. [see table below]

And….Cheshire East recently confirmed to LoveGoostrey the option that no Site Allocations may be required for Goostrey.

Already enough development is proposed in Holmes Chapel in accordance with the emerging Local Plan and a 5 year housing supply should provide protection from speculative developments.

* [over 90 houses if we include the ex-chicken farm development on our CWAC border]

14/0611C Wych Farm, Knuts Rd Cranage 07/04/2014 1
11/1225C Sandilands Fm, Twemlow Lane Cranage 16/05/2011 1
13/4496C Harley house 20 Northwich Rd Cranage 17/12/2013 1
13/4426C The Glen, Sandy Lane Cranage 12/12/2013 1
13/2187C 5 Middlewich Rd, Cranage 27/08/2013 10
09/4258C 22 Northwich Rd Cranage 16/02/2013 1
12/0707C Silver Birches, New Platt Lane, Cranage 21/05/2012 2
11/2508C Henry Alty site, Knutsford Road Cranage 23/12/2011 8
12/2318C Middlewich Road Cranage 15/08/2013 1
11/0863C Kermincham Hall, Forty Acre Ln Swettenham 15/06/2011 3
10/2647C Twemlow Manor Fields Twemlow 12/12/2013 13
10/4490C Woodcroft, Goostrey Lane Twemlow 10/01/2011 1
13/4504C 38 Brooklands Drive Goostrey 16/12/2013 1
13/4266C Sandyacre, 51 Main Road Goostrey 10/10/2013 3
09/2948C 3 Station Road, Goostrey 27/01/2010 1
10/2250C Barnshaw Bank Farm, Mill Lane Goostrey 22/12/2010 1
10/3084C Old Bank House 93 Main Road Goostrey 22/10/2010 1
10/3943C 85 Main Road Goostrey 23/12/2010 2
10/4778C Owls Hoot, Blackden lane Goostrey 02/02/2011 1
11/0474C Barnshaw Bank Farm, Mill Lane Goostrey 11/05/2011 2
11/0381C Swanwick Hall, Booth Bed Lane Goostrey 27/06/2012 1
11/0919C Ivy Bank, 120 Main Road Goostrey 08/06/2011 1
12/4111C Roadside Farm, Blackden lane Goostrey 20/12/2012 1
13/2619C 1 Wood Lane Goostrey 26/09/2013 2

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