AGM: no housing needed

Cheshire East Cllr  Les Gilbert confirmed at last night’s Goostrey Annual Parish Meeting that it is likely to be confirmed this Thursday that 462 houses will be required for the Holmes Chapel and Goostrey LSC area. However as Cheshire East have already granted planning permission for over 500 houses in the area, Cheshire East does not require further Site Allocations in Goostrey or Holmes Chapel.

Councillor Gilbert also stated that if Goostrey wants to put forward proposals for housing at any site in Goostrey in excess of the requirements – including Hermitage Lane, Mount Pleasant, the Grange, (also should morally include the Chicken Farm even if this is just in Cheshire West!) – it would generate income for the village in the form of ‘Section 106’ agreements.  We at LoveGoostrey understand that could provide funding towards a new scout hut [and will conduct a little research into the level of possible funding, GPC stated that a new Youth Centre would cost up to £500,000!].

LoveGoostrey also understand that the 5 year housing supply will be reconfirmed this week.  However, the only test of a 5 year housing supply will be at the next appeal and will be at the decision/whim of the planning inspector whether they agree with Cheshire East’s assessment.

Goostrey PC stated they will review this latest news from Cheshire East at their next meeting and reminded the village that without a  5 year housing supply the village is once again at risk of predatory developers.

We hope that Cheshire East can prove they do have a robust 5 year supply (third time lucky hopefully!) and we hope that if the village as a whole decides it wants to provide more housing than Cheshire East say we need, then we can have a full consultation involving the whole village (and Jodrell Bank)  to decide whether we want to do this or not.


3 thoughts on “AGM: no housing needed

  1. The Planning Portal shows the following and the dates they are due to start:
    7th May 2014. 120 homes in Audlem by Gladman Developments APP/R0660/A/13/2204723
    10th June 2014. 40 homes in Nantwich. APP/R0660/A/13/2204971

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