Extended comments date for Hermitage/NetherLea

Hermitage Lane/ Nether Lea proposal submits new documents stating details of ‘the access and internal road layout is to be dealt with under a subsequent reserved matters application’; last date for comments moved to 25th June 2014.

Reserved matters are those aspects of a proposed development which an applicant can choose not to submit details of with an outline planning application (i.e. they can be ‘reserved’ for later determination):

‘Access’ – the accessibility to and within the site, for vehicles, cycles and pedestrians in terms of the positioning and treatment of access and circulation routes and how these fit into the surrounding access network.   Applications for approval of reserved matters must be made within a specified time-limit, normally three years from the date outline planning permission was granted.           ….Government planning portal

5 year supply difficulties

While we are waiting to find out if Cheshire East can actually prove they have a 5 year supply, LoveGoostrey wonders how Government can tell Councils that they need to demonstrate a 5 year housing supply without providing clarity on how it should be calculated?

“Councils across the country are running into difficulties over their five-year land supply”,  said Mike Kiely, President of the Planning Officers Society and Director of Planning at the London Borough of Croydon,  in response to a question from Planning magazine.

Kiely added that “clarity is needed over the correct methodology for determining housing land supply.”

Research published by property firm Savills last month said that there are 10 councils across the south of England that have claimed to have in excess of a five-year housing land supply, only for their supply to be found to be less than five years by an inspector at appeal.

John Silvester, the Society Spokesperson, commented that a clear guide to housing land supply methodology was something the Society had been pressing the government to provide for some time. he added “with a stated intention not to create such guidance the government has left Council’s in a real predicament. What we need is consistency between authorities.”

The previous housing land supply methododolgy, prepared by POS for the government, is now superceded. Details of the new national planning guidance can be found here

25 Apr 2014 Planning Officers Society

Goostrey expansion strictly controlled

In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations.   It is interesting to read the entries for Goostrey nearly 3 decades on and particularly pertinent to read the comment on housing development:

“Expansion of the village has been strictly controlled because

  of the proximity to Jodrell Bank telescope.” Domesday 1986

As we heard at the recent Parish Council AGM , the Lovell Telescope is still as important to Jodrell Bank as it was in 1986.  It still contributes to keeping the UK at the forefront of Radio Astronomy, as it has been for the last 50 years.  Let’s not let developers put the Lovell telescope at risk for the sake of a few houses which aren’t needed or wanted.

Perhaps it is now time that stricter controls are reintroduced so that Jodrell Bank’s world leading research and objections to large developments in the village are sustained through the planning process.

Other entries cover aspects of the village from farming and employment to gooseberries and RoseDay.

read more….Goostrey Domesday pages.

from the BBC's Domesday project 1986

from the BBC’s Domesday project 1986


Comments date extended to 11th June

Mt Pleasant date extended 14/1147C

Objectors to the proposal for housing next to Mt Pleasant met this morning and shared their concerns over the ‘potential loss of more of the beautiful, open Cheshire countryside ‘.

“We were very pleased to see so many concerned residents present which shows the strong feelings that people have about the proposed development.”

Mt Pleasant objectors discuss concerns

Mt Pleasant objectors discuss concerns


Feedback wanted for Youth Facility

Feedback Form: date extended.

As you may know Goostrey Parish Council with 1st Goostrey Scouts is preparing a planning application for the redevelopment of the existing youth facility site on Main Road.  They want your views to assist them in developing these proposals.

Following their public exhibition of plans they would be grateful if residents (if not already done so at the meeting) would download and fill in the following ‘Feedback Form’:


Once you have completed the Feedback Form, please leave it in the GPC green post-box at the Village Hall by 5pm on 30 May 2014.

N.B. the date for returning the form has been extended until next Friday.

“Your feedback is important and the responses we receive will be considered in developing the planning application, the current proposal for which is to replace the existing timber building with a modern, fit for purpose youth facility on the eastern portion of the site and a single detached dwelling on the western portion of the site.  A detailed consent will be sought for the youth facility and an outline consent sought for the dwelling.” Goostrey Parish Council

“special character of Goostrey”

Fiona Bruce MP supports Goostrey’s fight against development:

“I reconfirm my commitment to support residents in their endeavours to maintain the special character of Goostrey as a village and to ensure that inappropriate developer-led planning is thoroughly challenged – if localism means anything, it should mean the right for local people to decide how their own communities will develop in the future, and in this the Goostrey community has my full support.”

Goostrey residents unite to fight plans for yet another proposed housing estate,  read more.. Knutsford Guardian 23rd May 2014

14/1147C planning ref to register your comment about the development behind Mt Pleasant before 11th June.

Fiona supports Goostrey

Fiona supports Goostrey