No Site Allocation required – official

Cheshire East has confirmed that Holmes Chapel and Goostrey have met their required allocation of houses with over 500 houses in the area already granted planning permission.   If CEC has its 5 year housing supply confirmed by the Planning Inspectorate this would mean that no housing is required in Goostrey up to 2030.

 [‘Goostrey ‘ includes Twemlow and Cranage for the purpose of the allocation]

Expected housing numbers

Expected housing numbers


2 thoughts on “No Site Allocation required – official

  1. Thanks for this. So it all hinges now on the Planning Inspectorate, right?

    Is it worth members of the public contacting them?

    p.s. Dislike “Holmes Chapel in association with Goostrey”. Sounds like we’re sponsoring an ITV weather report.

    • The only mechanism to demonstrate if Cheshire East has a 5 yr housing supply is through a Planning Inspector at Appeal.
      Cheshire East will probably refuse this application again, as Cheshire East appear confident that they have a 5 year Housing supply, and are likely to uphold the objection from Jodrell Bank. CEC has also announced that there are sufficient sites with planning permission within Holmes Chapel and Goostrey LSC to meet the requirements of the Local Plan, so no further Site Allocations are required in Goostrey. If Hermitage/Nether Lea does go to appeal then, yes, it will be decided by the Planning Inspectorate, similar to the Twemlow development (see The best action is to comment on the planning application and write to Fiona Bruce to ask her to use her influence with Eric Pickles to instruct the Planning Inspectorate not to overrule any objections from Jodrell Bank.

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