Submission for 138 houses in Local Plan

A developer working for Handforth East has submitted an alternative scheme to Handforth Village into the Local Plan which includes an additional 138 homes in the middle of Goostrey – in addition to the current planning applications at Nether Lea  and Dromedary Lodge and the pre-submission proposal at the Grange.   744683 Gladman Vision doc – Main Road Goostrey

Gladman's proposal

Gladman’s proposal

Goostrey housing policy:

Following Cheshire East’s confirmation that no site allocations for Goostrey are required, Goostrey PC voted last night to update its housing policy;  their preferred site allocation of the Grange has been removed and the parish council will in future object to all developments larger than 3 houses.

GPC attended a recent meeting in Sandbach Town Hall with Nick Boles and reported that the plight of Jodrell Bank was highlighted;  Nick Boles stated he would review what additional protection measures could be provided for the observatory.  GPC also reported it was evident at the meeting, organised by Fiona Bruce, that Goostrey has escaped relatively lightly compared to many other villages to date.

We now wait in anticipation for September when the Local Plan inquiry commences, then we will see whether Goostrey will continue to be as fortunate.

Local Plan submitted to Eric Pickles

Cheshire East Council’s local plan strategy has been formally submitted to Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government after four years of public consultation.   The independent inspector will now examine the plan and it is anticipated that this process will begin in September 2014.  According to the council the plan was due to be implemented in 2013, however the current timetable shows it will not be in place until February 2015 at the earliest.

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