Goostrey Rose Day 2014

A lovely slice of village life

Fishinkblog 7773 Goostrey Rose Day 1

I spent saturday in the company of a set of happy villagers celebrating their Rose Day in Goostrey in Cheshire.

Fishinkblog 7774 Goostrey Rose Day 2

The day is all about celebration, of their young folk, of their community and of their dedication to keeping the village traditions alive and well. Everyone takes on a role to make sure the day ran smoothly and by golly it did just that. There was tug of war, greasy poles, tom-bolas, fair rides, coconut shy and cake and fun stalls for everyone.

Fishinkblog 7775 Goostrey Rose Day 3

There were many people wearing weird and wonderful outfits too.

Fishinkblog 7776 Goostrey Rose Day 4

There was some great dancing, all the way from Africa no less !

Fishinkblog 7777 Goostrey Rose Day 5

Competitions in categories of the best single rose, floral displays, (and a little display of my own !) More available here.

Fishinkblog 7778 Goostrey Rose Day 6

Fishinkblog 7779 Goostrey Rose Day 7

and my most favourite of all, the children’s competition to create monsters out of fruit… priceless !

Fishinkblog 7780 Goostrey Rose Day 8

Look at these, how wonderful are they ?

Fishinkblog 7781 Goostrey Rose Day 9


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