Dates of Local Plan hearings [re Goostrey]

If you would like to go along and listen to the examination of the Local Plan hearings there are two specific sessions that are pertinent to Goostrey:

Tuesday 23rd Sept 10am-2pm Settlement Hierarchy Policy PG2:  Goostrey as a Local Service Centre.

Thursday 2nd October 10:00am Sustainable Environment Policy SE14:  Jodrell Bank Observatory consultation/protection.

Full list of sessions/times starting 16th Sept: PS A001a Version 2 Draft Hearing Sessions Programme (1)


All hearing sessions will be held at Macclesfield Town Hall, Market Place, Macclesfield SK10 1EA.

( link to the submission version of the Local Plan )

5 thoughts on “Dates of Local Plan hearings [re Goostrey]

  1. At one of the Local Plan hearings Gladman Developers of Congleton will be proposing 138 houses in Goostrey North of Main Road

  2. 138 houses in Goostrey (backing on to Main Road, Sandy Lane, Swanwick Close, track to Swanwick Hall and Shear Brook) proposed by Gladman: Possible dates at the hearings could be: ‘Alternative/Additional ‘Omission’’ sites during 29th Oct – 31st Oct session, or maybe under ‘Local Plan Strategy Strategic Sites and Strategic Locations (General)’ on 7th October? If anyone finds better info please post.

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