GPC planning ctte 7.00 Tuesday

On Tuesday 11th November residents are welcome to attend the GPC Planning Ctte 7.oo – 7.30pm discussing the  ex-Chicken Farm access appeal & the recently advertised Gladman proposal for 132 houses next to Shearbrook in the middle of the village.

see Planning Ctte Agenda.

The meeting is immediately followed by the monthly GPC meeting 7.30pm, both in the Village Hall Lounge.

see GPC Agenda.

3 thoughts on “GPC planning ctte 7.00 Tuesday

  1. Is the Planning meeting for public involvement? The times I have been there has not been any Public involvement and the Committee members stand around plans, talking between themselves.

  2. We need JB to quantify the cumilative noise/interference effects from new building in Goostrey. If a few houses on hermitage lane are a problem ,then I assume that building 132 new houses are a non starter. I am not able to attend the meeting on Tuesday.

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