Holmes Chapel vote for Neighbourhood Plan

Holmes Chapel parish council have decided that they should produce a Neighbourhood Plan – and to seek the views of neighbouring parishes. GPC are to discuss the possibility on Dec9th at their next meeting:

Extract from HCPC minutes of 6th Nov 2014……

“There was discussion on the need for the parish to create a Neighbourhood Plan especially in view of the difficulties CEC was experiencing in having its Local Plan approved by the Planning Inspectorate. It was recognised that preparation of such a plan would be complex and time consuming and that the views of neighbouring parishes would be significant. It was pointed out that grant funding through CEC was available.

RESOLVED (c14/15/54) that

  • the clerk informs CEC that HCPC wishes to proceed with the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan and that grant funding is required.
  • neighbouring parishes are contacted to seek their views
  • a speaker be sought to explain in detail the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan.”

12 thoughts on “Holmes Chapel vote for Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Good news but all Parishes are battling against a broken system which Developers are, and will continue to, take advantage of. Until this is resolved we can all look forward to the sound of bulldozers. This is not the fault of GPC but central Government. Whilst the big Developers have the “ear” of Cabinet Ministers and donate to party funds then they will continue to hold the advantage.

    When the NPPF was introduced I remember Cameron being interviewed and he categorically stated that no development would be permitted “where it was against the express wishes of the local residents”. How wrong he was. Perhaps someone should dig out a copy and stick a copy on his and Eric Pickles desks.

  2. On reforming the NPPF Cameron said: “Our reforms will make it easier for communities to say ‘we are not going to have big plonking housing estate landing next to the village, but we would like 10, 20, 30 extra houses and we would like them built in this way, to be built for local people’.” see Telegraph article 2012 http://bit.ly/11lO7t0

  3. Agreed. The current planning system is far from ideal, but at least with a Neighbourhood Plan it puts the development decision making process back in the hands of the residents. We need all the help we can get at the moment…! As Holmes Chapel is linked with Goostrey in the Local Plan and the Local Plan states ‘in terms of Goostrey the majority of development will be in Holmes Chapel’, then it seems like a good opportunity to ‘piggyback’ on HC’s neighbourhood plan. Remember even if the Local Plan is adopted and in place, without a 5 year housing supply, we will be in the same situation as we are in now. Recent case law ,however, has meant neighbourhood plans ‘trump’ lack of ‘5 year Housing supply’.

    • Then earlier this year Pickles changed it and brought back a brownfield first policy ‘Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, says the Government’s push to increase housebuilding must be focused on land that has already been built on in and around towns, “preserving the best of our countryside”’ see http://bit.ly/1vxaSI7

  4. This is all a timing issue. How long will it take to get a Neighbourhood Plan in place? Yes we can piggy back on Holmes Chapel or reduce the time by learning from other Neighbourhood Plans but by then it may be too late.

    What we need is a guaranteed assurance that “emerging” neighbourhood plans will be given credibility in the Planning / Appeals process. Otherwise I fear the worst.

  5. Agreed. As with the Hermitage Lane Planning Application we said at the outset that if we go down, we will go down fighting having explored every possibility.

    • Ok we will see if the Parish Council agree on the 9th December. Sounds like Cheshire East will provide some funding, and if we can get enough volunteers together we can keep the cost down.

      • If we do decide on a neighbourhood plan we will need to follow it through quickly, as recent case law indicates it is insufficient just to define an area and say you are preparing one, you need the evidence to back it up. It maybe too late for the current outline applications but we maybe able to get one in place before the detailed applications come in.

      • Agreed but time is passing fast. GPC meeting is not until 9th December and no one knows if they will agree to go with a Neighbourhood Plan without a further investigation – how long will that take and before a firm go ahead is given or not?

        The other consideration is the looming general election, a change of Government and the impact on Planning Legislation.

        I agree that to do nothing is not an option and that we should progress a Neighbourhood Plan with the greatest urgency.

        Hopefully an emerging Neighbour Plan will be given credibility in the Planning / Appeals process. It would be helpful if Fiona Bruce could get some firm clarification on this from Messrs Pickles and Lewis.

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