Cllr Jones wins vote of confidence

The leader of Cheshire East Council Michael Jones faced an attempt to pass a vote of no confidence in him.  The motion was put forward by the borough’s Labour Group leader Coun David Newton and seconded by Labour colleague Coun Sam Corcoran.

However, the motion of no confidence against leader of Cheshire East Council Coun Michael Jones has failed.  Instead a vote of confidence in Coun Jones has won at this council meeting, and the Labour members who put the motion forward have had the tables turned on them.

Source:  Alex Hibbert, senior Macc Express, MEN reporter from council chamber, Sandbach Town Hall.


Scouts’ fundraising events

Ist Goostrey Scouts need to raise £200,000 to fund the construction of the new Scout Hut and Youth Facility, and the first fundraising events of 2015 have been going very well.

The Family Quiz Night & Supper held on Sunday 8 February at the Village Hall was a sell-out, and raised a fantastic £1,000 towards the costs of building the new Scout hut. Thanks to all who attended, donated raffle prizes and assisted in any way.

The Scouts are extremely grateful to Karlton and Barlow, owners of the Crown, for all their support and co-operation.  They have donated  £400 from their ‘locals night’  and have supported the monthly Open Mic nights which have raised over £200 so far – as well as allowing the use of their carpark for the Car Wash and Car Boot Sale.

Local residents and businesses wishing to contribute, or make suggestions for raising funds to get the Scout hut built,  are invited to contact David Giles, Group Scout Leader of 1st Goostrey Scouts at :

Please come and support our next fundraising events:

  • The next Open Mic night is on Wed 4 March at the Crown Inn from 8pm

(The first Wed of each month)

  • A Car Boot Sale on Sunday 8 March at the Crown Inn from 8 am – 12 noon

Pitches cost £10 and are available on a first come, first served basis.  To book your pitch, contact Sue Mottershead at:

Scouts will be providing hot food and drinks for all.

  • A Sponsored “Marathon” Hike is taking place on 14/15 March by members of the Scout section along the Gritstone Trail – covering the distance of a marathon.

Please sponsor our Scouts!  To donate, please go to:

  • The next Car Wash will be held in early May – the date will be published soon

…… 1st Goostrey Scouts February 2015

Threat to JBO on North West Tonight & Granada

BBC North West Tonight 16th Feb 2015: 

Watch a video of the short NWT piece….

JBO on BBC North West Tonight 16th Feb 2015

JBO on BBC North West Tonight 16th Feb 2015

“Scientists at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire say plans to build 119 houses nearby could seriously affect their research into outer space
A new estate is planned for a site just over a mile away from the famous Lovell telescope. Astronomers are worried about background noise from power lines and interference from mobile phones. Developers say they sought a response from Jodrell Bank before submitting their plans.”



ITV Granada: Jodrell Bank says new homes would cause interference



“Jodrell Bank work threatened by housing plans, say scientists”

“Exclusive: Background noise created by development near Cheshire observatory could harm attempt to observe gravity waves predicted by Einstein”

Great article in The Guardian by Science Correspondent Hannah Devlin today:

photo: Christopher Thomond

photo: Christopher Thomond

“One of Britain’s most ambitious astronomy projects is under threat due to a large housing development being planned nearby, scientists have warned.

Prof Simon Garrington, director of Jodrell Bank observatory, said proposals to build 119 houses just over a mile from the Lovell telescope in Cheshire would seriously compromise observations of deep space.

Among the projects at risk would be an attempt to make the first experimental observations of gravity waves, ripples in space-time predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity.”

“The science minister, Greg Clark, said: “Cheshire East council must ensure that, in line with protections set out in the national planning policy framework, any new housing developments do not adversely impact on the important scientific mission of Jodrell Bank.”

read the full story…..  The Guardian 13th Feb 2015

Saltersford Corner approved at appeal

The Planning Inspector has approved housing on Saltersford Corner at appeal …..

“27. In terms of its character and appearance, the field can hardly be characterised as ‘open’ countryside. It is a field, but it is enclosed on all sides by urban development of different kinds and, while there are substantial trees on developed land to the east, there are no clear views across the field of open countryside beyond. It seems to me that the open  countryside truly begins as the A535 approaches the bridge over the River Dane, beyond the site.”

“29. While not alleging overdevelopment, the Council argues that Holmes Chapel has already had its fair share of additional housing and that this is not an appropriate site to ‘flex’ the settlement boundary. That assertion rests on an assumption that housing land allocated to the 13 LSCs will be divided equally between them. I heard that the LSCs vary significantly in size, with Holmes Chapel being the 2nd largest, and several are heavily constrained by Green Belt, so that an equal subdivision is unlikely.”

read the report:  Saltersford Corner appeal decision 10 Feb 2015