Residents to fight sand quarry

Rudheath Lodge Farm EIA screening opinion request.

A group of residents are putting forward an argument against the possibility of a sand quarry between Goostrey Lane and New Platt Lane, Cranage.  They have asked LoveGoostrey to publish the letter below and hope that you will contact CEC to object.  However we would like to stress that as yet this is not an application (they have to assess the impact on the environment first) so you cannot comment through CEC’s website.  A different reference number would be used should it become an application.  We will add a page under Planning Applications on LoveGoostrey to keep you updated with any developments.

“The aim of Environmental Impact Assessment is to protect the environment by ensuring that a local planning authority when deciding whether to grant planning permission for a project, which is likely to have significant effects on the environment, does so in the full knowledge of the likely significant effects, and takes this into account in the decision making process…….to ensure that the public are given early and effective opportunities to participate in the decision making procedures.”

Dear Neighbour 

I can now confirm that Sibelco, the mineral extraction company, have registered a planning application with Cheshire East Council in relation to the grounds within Rudheath Lodge Farm, Knutsford Road, Cranage.

The application has been allocated reference number 15/2390S

We are not prepared to allow this application for development to ruin our environment. Please do everything that you possibly can to help us to prevent this application from being approved.

The description of the application reads as follows:

“Environmental Impact Assessment request for proposed industrial sand development, together with landscaping, processing plant, associated works and progressive restoration” 

Apparently the plan is for the excavation to take place over a period approximated to be 10 years at the conclusion of which the area may* be turned into a large lake, as has been common practice with this type of activity.

  • 10 years of dust – Silica sand is carcinogenic
  • 10 years of noise – Noisy driers utilised to dry the mineral
  • 10 years of traffic issues – both heavy lorries and diggers with reversing beepers

The entrance to the site is planned to be off the A50 near to the driveway for Woodside Golf Club with excavated sand then removed from the site at the New Platt Lane end of the fields. 

I urge you to please e mail as soon as possible and simply state your objection to planning application 15/2390S initially on the grounds of loss of outlook, loss of privacy, noise and disturbance arising from the plant, hazardous materials, highway safety issues, traffic generation, vehicular access and nature conservation. 

*Please note that we are currently reviewing the circumstances relating to Moneystone Quarry in Staffordshire where Sibelco have previously failed to restore a site once quarrying has been exhausted. 

A repeat of that type of scenario should be a real concern to all local residents and businesses alike. Please refer to

If you would like to register your e mail address with us then please do so and we will be happy to keep you updated:

Queen’s speech brings further planning changes

A new Housing Bill was announced in today’s Queen’s Speech with plans to change housing and planning legislation to support housing growth and to simplify and speed up the neighbourhood planning system.

The government’s briefing note says one of the main benefits of the bill would be “ensuring local people have more control over planning”.

The Government plans on housing supply include

  • To introduce a statutory register for brownfield land, to help achieve the target of getting Local Development Orders in place on 90% of suitable brownfield sites by 2020.
  • To simplify and speed up the neighbourhood planning system, to support communities that seek to meet local housing and other development needs through neighbourhood planning. .
  • To give effect to other changes to housing and planning legislation that would support housing growth.”

Briefing note page 28 

According to the  briefing note, the bill would enable controversial plans to extend the Right to Buy to housing association tenants.  It would also require local planning authorities to support custom and self-builders registered in their area in “identifying suitable plots of land to build or commission their own home”.  Planning resource

Possible sand quarry by Goostrey

Proposed sand quarry by Goostrey?

Sibelco have requested an EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) scoping opinion for “proposed industrial sand development, together with landscaping, processing plant, associated works and progressive restoration”  on land between NewPlatt Lane and Goostrey Lane.

15/2390S:  To be determined under delegated authority with a target decision date 10th June 2015

land between NewPlatt and Goostrey Lanes

land between NewPlatt and Goostrey Lanes


£3,500 raised for Scout Hut last weekend

The Scouts’ enthusiastic car wash at The Crown raised £600 for the Goostrey Scout Hut and Youth Centre and the sponsored 55mile bike challenge by Goostrey Wheelers raised a whopping £3000.  This brings the total raised so far to more than £33,000 of the £200,000 target.  Well done to all !

Donations can be made through the following link:”

Massive increase in jobs and homes

Cheshire East is set for a massive increase in jobs and homes over the next 15 years, according to a series of reports released today.

New evidence gathered during the suspension of the examination of the Cheshire East Local Plan shows that the Borough’s economy is likely to grow much more quickly than previously expected.

But the increase in new homes – needed to provide for rising numbers of aspirational working families – will be achieved without any major impact on the green belt.

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Radio Quiet Zone on Radio 4

Every day next week [starting Monday 18th May] on Radio 4 at 12.04: Welcome to the quiet zone.

13,000 square miles of radio quiet in the US – no mobile phones – around Greenbank, the world’s largest fully steerable telescope, to protect the radio telescope from harmful interference.

In anticipation of the Radio 4 programme, you might be interested to see details of other Radio Quiet Zones around the European telescopes, including the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory:- 

European Radio Quiet Zones

Delayed decision for Tattenhall

Tattenhall, one of the first villages to have a Neighbourhood Plan adopted, have unfortunately still not heard the outcome of a number of planning appeals within the village despite the adoption of a Neighbourhood plan:

“On Monday 23rd March it was drawn to my attention by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CW&C) that there was the prospect that the awaited decisions on the three housing appeals might be issued by the end of that week.

By Friday morning when nothing had been forthcoming CW&C contacted the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to be told that there had been a further development which would potentially delay the Tattenhall decision being issued.

A decision had been published earlier in the week, by an Inspector, who had overruled a Council refusal of planning permission and had allowed an appeal for a development of up to 30 dwellings at Nether Peover.  One of his grounds for granting permission was that, in his opinion, CW&C did not have a 5 year housing land supply.  (CW&C disputes this).

It is understood that this decision had been drawn to the attention of the Secretary of State in relation to the Tattenhall cases, and that this is a matter to which the Secretary of State has to give consideration in determining the Tattenhall appeals.

It is very disappointing that almost two years since the Appeal was held we are still awaiting the outcome.  There is no prospect that the appeal decisions will now be received until after the May elections as the Secretary of State does not issue appeal decisions between the dissolution of Parliament (30th March) and the election on 7th May.  I do not know how long it will be after 7th May until we see the decisions but I will continue to closely monitor the situation and liaise regularly with CW&C.”

Carol Weaver, Chairman Tattenhall Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group