Gladman resubmits in Holmes Chapel/Brereton

15/2902C : Gladman have resubmitted a proposal on Brereton/Holmes Chapel border [increasing the number of houses for up to 215 from 190] that was refused in April2015 [ refusal 14/5921C ] …..

“The resubmission of this planning application offers CEC the opportunity to reconsider the application in light of a forthcoming appeal in relation to the first application. If CEC was to approve the planning application, then this may negate the need for the current appeal to continue thereby saving time and resources for both CEC and the Applicant.”

Gladman HC


Site plan

Full information should be at the drop in session on 14th July but here are a few details:  “The proposed mineral extraction area is some 58.5 hectares.  The proposed application site comprises an area of about 71.5 hectares. This area includes the proposed mineral extraction area, a sand processing plant site, land for access to the site and areas for ancillary developments such as screening and advance planting. ”

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Extraction limit plan

Extraction limit plan

Proposed Site plan

Proposed Site plan



“The proposed quarry site comprises an area of agricultural land in dairy and other production, forming part of agricultural holding of Rudheath Lodge. The location of the proposed sand processing plant lies to the immediate north of New Platt Lane within a partly wooded area.  This was the location of a former sand processing plant operated by the Applicant.

It is anticipated that, should permission be granted, site works would commence in 2017 and have an operating life of around 12 years with a further 2 years for completion of restoration. The site is proposed to be worked wet by dredging and will be progressively restored to a lake.  The farm buildings of Rudheath Lodge will be unaffected.”


Quarry details: Allostock Village Hall 14th July 4-8pm

14th July 4-8pm Allostock Village Hall

14th July 4-8pm Allostock Village Hall

 Sibelco “has identified a sand resource adjacent to the A50 at Rudheath Lodge.   The site is situated in parts of the Parishes of Cranage and Allostock.”

“Sibelco will be holding a drop in session at Allostock Village Hall on Tuesday 14th July between 4pm and 8pm.

Company representatives will be present to discuss the outline proposals included in the Scoping Request.”


Planner recommends ShearBrook for refusal

The 119 proposed houses at Shear Brook have been recommended to be refused at committee next week by CEC planning….

“the harm arising from the proposal would be:

• The principle of residential development in open countryside, contrary to development plan policies

• The less than substantial harm to the setting of Swanwick Hall.

• The loss of 6.9 hectares of the best and most versatile agricultural land.

• Impairment to the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.”  14/5579C report


NPPF to remain unchanged

The new government’s planning chief has ‘no interest’ in revisiting the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) chief planner Steve Quartermain said last week that his ministerial team believes the NPPF, issued in March 2012, sets out what the planning system is for and what local planning authorities should be doing.

“That includes development to a higher standard,” Quartermain told the Planning Officers Society’s spring conference in Dorchester on Friday. “The NPPF says that if you get poor design, you should refuse it.”

He said that it remains a “significant part” of the government’s approach that communities should have more of a say through neighbourhood development plans (NDPs). Results from the first 70-plus neighbourhood plan referendums, showing an average “yes” vote of 88 per cent and a 35 per cent turnout, show that communities are keen to promote development, he said.

“We would like to see a lot more neighbourhood development orders coming forward to give permission for particular developments that communities want,” he added.

Commenting on the government’s manifesto commitment to have planning permission in place for new homes on 90 per cent of suitable brownfield sites by 2020, Quartermain said that government estimates point to 200,000 plots, “but we would like to see more”.

Jodrell Bank in PMQs

…yesterday in PMQs:  “In recent months, Jodrell Bank successfully secured the future of the globally significant Square Kilometre Array telescope project at its site, and over £12 million in heritage lottery funding to highlight its unique science heritage. Does my right hon. Friend agree that this is further evidence of the importance of science in his compelling vision of a northern powerhouse?”  Macclesfield MP, David Rutley.

George Osborne replied:  “My hon. Friend is right to draw attention to the success that Manchester University and Jodrell Bank have had in securing the international headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array experiment. I visited Jodrell Bank in the middle of the election campaign—I dropped in to congratulate them on the achievement, which was achieved during the purdah period but under instructions issued by the previous Government. It is the world’s largest science experiment. It is an incredible collaboration across nations, and I am extremely proud that its headquarters are in the northern powerhouse.”

Prime Minister’s Questions 17th June 2015


Local Plan: withdraw and resubmit?

A recent email from the Inspector to CEC points to the possibility of the Local Plan being withdrawn, then resubmitted for examination after public consultations on Site AllocationsThe earliest date for re-examination would be October:

Cheshire East Possible Timeline for Examination Resumption

The Inspector has noted the Council’s suggested timeframe for the resumption of the examination. He notes that the Council suggests public consultation on draft sites, followed by resumption of the examination to deal with the amended overall housing and employment land provision and later the resumption of the examination to deal with specific sites. However, it may be more appropriate to resume the hearings to deal with the objective assessment of housing need (including any cross-boundary implications), employment requirements, Green Belt assessment, spatial distribution and site assessment before consulting on new and amended strategic site allocations. Furthermore, in his recent communication to the Council , the Inspector drew attention to the need to avoid substantial changes to the submitted plan and significant alterations to the underlying strategy. Consultation on a significantly amended overall housing and employment land provision figure, along with a set of new and/or amended sites, may constitute the type of substantial amendments to the submitted plan, which might suggest that the submitted plan should be withdrawn and resubmitted when all the necessary community engagement and public consultation has been completed. Apart from the stakeholder engagement workshops, he is not aware of the nature of any other engagement and consultation with the community and other stakeholders before drawing up the amended strategy, including specific new and amended sites and assessment of alternative sites. Until the Inspector sees and considers the nature and scope of the amendments to the plan, he cannot commit to a timetable for resuming the examination.

In terms of availability, at present, the Inspector is available on 7-9 October 2015, 21-23 October 2015, 26 October-13 November 2015 and 7-18 December 2015, but is not available on most other dates (including 6 October and 24 November-4 December 2015).

Thanks.  Stephen J Pratt – Development Plan Inspector  1st June 2015