Site plan

Full information should be at the drop in session on 14th July but here are a few details:  “The proposed mineral extraction area is some 58.5 hectares.  The proposed application site comprises an area of about 71.5 hectares. This area includes the proposed mineral extraction area, a sand processing plant site, land for access to the site and areas for ancillary developments such as screening and advance planting. ”

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Extraction limit plan

Extraction limit plan

Proposed Site plan

Proposed Site plan



“The proposed quarry site comprises an area of agricultural land in dairy and other production, forming part of agricultural holding of Rudheath Lodge. The location of the proposed sand processing plant lies to the immediate north of New Platt Lane within a partly wooded area.  This was the location of a former sand processing plant operated by the Applicant.

It is anticipated that, should permission be granted, site works would commence in 2017 and have an operating life of around 12 years with a further 2 years for completion of restoration. The site is proposed to be worked wet by dredging and will be progressively restored to a lake.  The farm buildings of Rudheath Lodge will be unaffected.”


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