Twemlow AD plant proposal REFUSED

The proposal for an AD waste and power plant on Twemlow Lane went to the Strategic Planning Board [SPB] in Crewe today and was refused by 10 votes with 2 abstentions.

Councillors felt this was the right time to make a decision as “residents deserved an answer” and voiced various concerns  including the EA report [in which they refused a Permit] and the added doubt over the possibility of the 60 year old tanks not being gas tight.  One councillor voiced his experience of AD plants having a “hideous smell”.

Councillors said that if the EA changed their opinion then the applicant could re apply with a full Environment Impact Assessment.

One thought on “Twemlow AD plant proposal REFUSED

  1. If this site is not suitable for an AD plant, it maybe suitable for housing subject to agreement with Jodrell Bank? Although the site is outside the boundary of Goostrey’s Neighbourhood plan, Cheshire East regards Twemlow as part of the Goostrey Local Service Centre and therefore would count towards Goostrey’s site allocations. I’m all for brownfield development first!!

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