2 houses approved: 51/61 Main Road

15/5517C The proposal for 2 houses between 51 and 61 Main Road have been approved.

This site was previously proposed to have 7 houses on it [objected to by JBO], so it will be interesting if further houses are applied for in future, as JBO have stated their concerns over cumulative impact….

CEC: “the development would bring positive planning benefits such as; the provision of market dwellings, a minor boost to he local economy and would be located in a sustainability (sic) location. Balanced against these benefits must be the dis-benefits, which in this case relate to the minor impact upon the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.

In this instance, because the impact upon the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope would be relatively minor, it is considered that the benefits of the scheme outweigh this dis-benefit. On the basis of the above, it is considered that the proposal represents sustainable development and is recommended for approval.”  ( see full decision. )


One thought on “2 houses approved: 51/61 Main Road

  1. Interesting to see Jodrell Bank did raise an objection to this development, but then confirmed the impact of just 2 houses would be minor. Based on this comment the Planning Officer ruled that as the houses were in a sustainable location near the shops, and Cheshire East had no five year housing supply, the benefit of this development overruled the minor increase in interference with Jodrell Bank’s research. Looks like a sensible decision, and points to the acceptance of future small scale developments similar to the ones that have been built within the village over the last few years, rather than individual large developments eg Shearbrook.

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