Scouts to record a song for hut

Ever resourceful, the Scouts* are now planning to record a song shortly which will be included with a video on a Crowd Funding site to help raise money towards the Scout Hut/Youth Centre.  *(inc Cubs, Beavers, Guides, Brownies and Rainbows)

Listen to the song/tune here.  Hopefully CD’s of the ‘real’ version with the children singing will be available when it has been recorded.

(click the words below to enlarge)

Song for Scout Hut/Youth Centre

Song for Scout Hut/Youth Centre


Relevant points in changes to LP Strategy

The Strategic Planning Board met yesterday to review proposed changes to the Local Plan Strategy.  Just a couple of points are relevant to Goostrey: new additions in red, below….

firstly, strengthening the JBO consultation zone;

Policy SE 14 Jodrell Bank:

1. Within the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Consultation Zone, as defined on the Proposals Map, development will not be permitted if it:

i. Impairs the efficiency of the telescopes; or

ii. Has an adverse impact on the historic environment and visual landscape setting of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.

2. Conditions will be imposed to mitigate identified impacts, especially via specialised construction techniques.

3. Proposals should consider their impact on those elements that contribute to the potential outstanding universal value of Jodrell Bank.

and in 13.158 as Justification they “will provide further detailed policy and advice within the Site Allocations and Development Policies document”.

and secondly,

Policy PG 1 Overall development strategy of LSCs – Justification: Clause 8.34 has been updated which reinforces development should be within existing built-up areas and adjacent larger settlements. (click to enlarge for detail)

Updated 8.34

Updated 8.34

CEC Local Plan Strategy – Proposed Changes Feb 2016

Support wanted for Scout hut applications

Goostrey Scouts would welcome your help by supporting two new applications for the Scout Hut/Youth Centre:

16/0436C: extra parking and play area to the side and rear of the Hut.   (Support letter 16 0436C). Comment by 24th Feb.

16/0503C: adding a mezzanine floor with storage, so that 2 groups can use the facility at the same time,  with a slightly higher roofline. (Support letter 16 0503C). Comment by 2 March.

Message from Goostrey Scouts:

·         The easiest way to register your support is to go online – click the two planning ref links above to make your comments.

·         On each webpage, where you see “Available Actions” under the map of the location, click on “Comment on this Application”

·         Fill in your own name and address, then tick on “Support the Proposal” and add in your own words of support or attach a letter. (If you choose to use either or both draft standard letters, please ensure that you add in your name and address in the top right hand corner as well as the date of issue, and type in your name and sign it before scanning it and submitting it as an attachment.) 

·         Alternatively you can post hard copies of the letters to Cheshire East Council, having inserted your name and address and having signed and dated it.   Please ensure that your letters makes reference to planning applications ref 16/0436C and 16/0503C

You can submit a letter or email to the Council from each member of your family.

Thank you so much for your help, please do support us and register your support with Cheshire East Planning Department before 2 March and help us make a difference for the young people of our community.

Yours in Scouting, David Giles.  Group Scout Leader – Goostrey Scout Group

Scout hut half way to target

Goostrey Scouts are celebrating reaching the half-way mark in their fundraising for the new Scout Hut and Youth Centre in the village – having raised more than £100,000 of the £200,000 estimated building cost.

Group Scout Leader David Giles announced a recent donation of £300 from the Holmes Chapel Rotary Club following their Christmas Sleigh Run which took the total over the key milestone of £100,000.

He said, “I wish to thank the Rotary Team for their generosity and for allowing our Scout Group to participate in the Sleigh Run.  I am thrilled that we have reached the important milestone of half of our fundraising target, and hope that this will be matched by generous grants from other bodies.”

“I am overwhelmed by the scale of donations which continue to be made by individuals, businesses and groups of all sizes. This project has caught the imagination of people in Goostrey and beyond, and the Scouts are privileged that the whole community has got behind the project.”

Cath McCubbin, GPC Vice Chairman added: “The Parish Council is fully committed to supporting the new Youth Facility in the village, as we showed by gifting land for the new building. The new Scout Hut and Youth Centre will prove a very effective community resource for a whole range of youth organisations and will also relieve pressure on the Village Hall which cannot meet all the demand by village organisations.”

Peter Godfrey, Chairman of GPC, said “The Parish Council has been very impressed by the energetic fundraising undertaken by the Scouts and the way that the rest of the community has supported them. This is a major milestone on the road to the delivery of a new facility for all the young people of Goostrey.”

Donations can be made directly to the Scout Hut and Youth Centre at:

Dates for the Diary:

Next fundraising events in 2016 include: a family event in Goostrey on 22 April to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and a major sponsored 55 mile Bike Ride on 14 May.

Goostrey Scouts.