Goosfest 2016: Dates and details

The 10th Anniversary Goosfest Arts and Music Festival will be held from Saturday 1st October until Sunday 16th October 2016 and features a wide range of events catering for all tastes.
Saturday 1st Oct - 16th Oct 2016

Saturday 1st Oct – 16th Oct 2016

The new improved Goosfest brochure is now being delivered to all homes in Goostrey.  Further info:  List of events 
The Goosfest website is now operational for the advance sale of tickets.  These can be purchased via PayPal on-line or by sending your requirements with a cheque (payable to Goosfest) and a SAE to:
The Goosfest Box Office, 23 Brooklands Drive, Goostrey, Cheshire CW4 8JD.
Advance tickets will be sent out on Monday 05 September 2016.  From this date the Box Office will be open for personal callers and for the daily processing of ticket orders.

Planning Inspector’s ShearBrook report

The Planning Inspector for the Gladman inquiry back in May (for 119 houses by Shear Brook) has now completed his report and sent it on to the Secretary of State at the DCLG, Sajid Javid MP, for his determination.

However the Inspector’s report is not published yet, and won’t be until the decision by Sajid Javid is made: the date given for the determination is “on or before” 24th November 2016 ( but there is always the possibility that it might get delayed/postponed).

“Margaret is not for retiring”

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Like Mark Twain who famously quipped a report of his death was greatly exaggerated, our own Margaret Kettle is proving there is a lot of life still to live – even as one of Goostrey’s oldest villagers a few months off her 94th birthday!

When Margaret’s “Aladdin’s Cave”  appeared to close several weeks ago, it was feared the doughty shopkeeper had finally  locked up for good. But nothing of the sort as it reopened today (July 4) with Margaret still behind the counter in a refurbished shop. Now renamed Goostrey Village Store, complete with post office, groceries,  bread,  fresh meat and hardware, the wheel has turned full circle to the days when the community was little more than 500 souls and there were many more shops.

Screen shot 2016-08-22 at 12.08.46.png

Mrs Kettle with Jonathan Royle.  Photo Blogs from the Bongs

Its transformation is due to Jonathan Royle, of Plumley Village Stores, who took over Goostrey sub post office when it was threatened with closure, and has now invested his faith and resources in a return to shopping locally. And Margaret, born and bred in the community at Roadside Farm, Barnshaw, will remain very much a lively fixture – although  she can no longer boast she sells everything from a pin to an elephant – continuing a role that began with her late husband, George, in 1960.  “I am certainly not retiring and I will just disappear one of these days,” says Margaret. “I have been modernised, and have been dragged shouting and screaming into the modern age.”

Those of a certain maturity in Goostrey will remember when the couple ran  not only the post office  but sorted the mail at 5.30 am behind the shop in Main Road and employed a team of posties. It was a real rural service and I doubt a letter was ever  delivered incorrectly. I then lived in Mill Lane and  was always aware when George  delivered the post – the whiff of the smoke from his ever present cigarette wafted up the stairs through the letter box!

In recent times,some 29 years after the post office moved elsewhere in the village, Margaret came to the rescue when it faced the axe and offered a corner of her  shop as a branch of Plumley post office. Now she is looking enthusiastically to her new role as arguably the oldest shop assistant in the country in premises built for £300 in the mid 19th century on land known as the Acreage and her home for more than 50 years.

It has served the village as a bakery, a shippon for five cows, stabling for horses and an abattoir before Kettles emporium. Jonathan says the shop will be an addition to other businesses in the village and not in competition. Griselda Garner, wife of author Alan Garner, who lives at Blackden, was among villagers at the official launch.” She said:”It is a fantastic addition to the village and I hope it will be well supported.”

*Mark Twain, the American writer who died April 21, 1910, in Redding, Connecticut, was in London in 1895, when he was rumoured to be on his deathbed, provoking his famous response.

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JBO invite residents to BBQ and info evening

Jodrell Bank Observatory invite their neighbours ( Goostrey residents*) to join them on Weds 31st August to find out about their latest developments – and to enjoy a BBQ.

Telephone 01477 571766 to reserve your place.

JBO Discovery Centre; 6pm – 8:30pm. Weds 31st August.  Tickets are free but places limited.

*local residents within 2.5m radius of JBO – who can also enjoy a 50% discount on the price of admission to the Discovery Centre through August (take proof of address with you: driving licence or utility bill).

Villagers mourn vicar’s death

Funeral Friday 26th August 2.00pm, St. Luke’s Church Goostrey, followed by burial in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Swettenham.
Refreshments The Lovell Suite, Swettenham Arms

Knutsford Guardian article :

GOOSTREY residents have been left ‘stunned’ after the village vicar died at the weekend.

The Rev Ian Godfrey, vicar of St Luke’s Church, Goostrey and St Peter’s Church, Swettenham, died at Manchester Royal Infirmary on Sunday evening.  Mr Godfrey moved to Goostrey in March 2011 with his wife Audrey and their daughter Louise from Mill Hill, north west London.

Their two older children Matthew and Christopher, both with established careers, continued to live in Mill Hill.

He was a non stipendiary minister serving John Keble Church, Edgware where he had been attending with his parents and brother since the 1960s before coming to the village.

After leaving school, Mr Godfrey joined Barclays Bank and following a successful career spanning 35 years he was a corporate director when he made the decision to become a full time minister.

He was ordained priest in June 2002 at Hampstead Parish Church and was inducted as vicar in April 2011 at St Luke’s, Goostrey.

His death on Sunday stunned villagers who had chatted and joked with him at Goostrey Rose Festival only several weeks ago following an absence from the pulpit due to illness.

One of his last services was a special celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday attended by a packed congregation including the village’s scouts and guides, cubs and beavers.

Earlier this year, one of the highlights of his ministry was the visit of the Church of England’s first woman Bishop, the Right Reverend Libby Lane, the Bishop of Stockport, to officiate at St Luke’s annual Plough Service held at the Orchards Farm, Twemlow.

Parishioners have spoken of their sadness at the loss of Mr Godfrey who arrived in the village to live at the Vicarage in Blackden Lane as a “breath of fresh air” as he took on the challenge of looking after the church and its flock in both parishes.

“Ian was an amazing man and quickly settled into his work in the parish,” said a member of the congregation.

“You could hardly keep up with him as he involved himself in church life and village activities. He was particularly keen on visiting people and dropping into the meetings of organisations involving all ages.

“When he became ill he was still very determined to carry out his duties even though at times he insisted on doing them on crutches or from a wheelchair.

“He was certainly one of the most courageous and lovely individuals one could wish to meet. He will be sadly missed by the parish both here and in Swettenham.”

Knutsford Guardian article