Local residents enjoy BBQ at Jodrell

Around 200 local residents were treated to a very enjoyable BBQ in the Planet Pavilion café at Jodrell Bank last night.

Beforehand, in the Star Pavilion, the Discovery Centre’s Director Teresa Anderson provided a very interesting insight into the heritage of JBO and its very beginnings of radio astronomy and their hopes of gaining World Heritage status with UNESCO in the future.

As well as describing the world-renowned work carried out on site and plans for the future, Tim O’Brien (Professor of Astrophysics and Associate Director of JBO at the University of Manchester’s School of Physics and Astronomy) then outlined the recent repairs on the 3200 tonne Lovell telescope – a cracked bearing – and the current programme of renewing the rusting plates of the original bowl underneath the shiny white top exterior of the newer dish.  Many thanks to all at JBO for a most enjoyable evening and a peek into the 70 years of our iconic neighbour.

Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics 


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