Site Allocations public consultation til 10th April

CEC are running a new public consultation onn the second part of the Local Plan: the Site Allocations and Development Policies Document (SADPD) Issues Consultation from 27 Feb to 5pm, 10 April.

This could impact the village as it sets the methodology for how CEC will allocate sites, extend settlement boundaries and determine the number of houses to be built in each LSC and so on.   Click this link for  The Site Allocations and Development Policies Document: Issues Paper.

CEC: ‘We have now started work on the second, more detailed part of the Local Plan and a number of documents are published for public consultation from Monday 27 February to 5:00pm on Monday 10 April 2017:

  • Site Allocations and Development Policies Document: Issues Paper;
  • Community Infrastructure Levy: Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule;
  • Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report; and
  • Call for Sites.

The consultation documents and comments forms are available on the Council’s website at and in Cheshire East customer service centres and libraries. Responses should be returned to or by post to Cheshire East Council, Spatial Planning, Westfields, C/O Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe CW1 2BJ by 5:00pm on Monday 10 April 2017.’

TV show seeks items to repair

Ricochet TV, part of warner bros TV production UK are making a new television show for BBC2 called “The repair shop”;  the show looks into repairing beloved and interesting possessions for people who would like to see them restored or repaired back to their original working order.

e.g. grandfather clocks or rocking horses to drawn carriages, or even toy cars and VW campers….they have a team of experts who cover all trades such as blacksmithing, ceramics, clockmakers, upholsterers and carpenters

If perhaps you might have something you’d love to be repaired, then please get back in touch with us at or call 01273 224800.

Additionally, as well as sentimental/interesting items belonging to individuals….”we’d really love to feature and repair a few items in the show  that have a community value, something treasured or essential to communities that has fallen into disrepair, perhaps has an interesting story and purpose to the village that can be restored.  For example memorial plaques, eroded statues, snapped weather vanes, broken sun dials, cracked gargoyles, fading carvings, or maybe the paint is peeling on the local pub’s swing sign.

Please note that although a lot of things can be moved, items would need to not be permanently stuck in situ, for example some larger statues or water fountains are grand logistically feats to move. The item would be repaired at our repair shop (a barn outfitted for our experts) and given back to the community at no expense to the owner – additionally there would be broadcasted tv coverage from start to finish of the item, in the work shop and also when the item is revealed to the owner or community.

Please also note that we are receiving a lot of items and interest across the country, and sometimes they can be too big and take too long to fix, so please don’t be disheartened if we can’t repair it this time.” Ricochet tv

If you might have something you’d love to be repaired, contact or call 01273 224800.

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Blackden Trust lecture: 11th March The Story of Alderley

Saturday 11th March 2017, 3pm: Alan Garner is to introduce a talk by Professor John Prag (Honorary Professor at Manchester Museum) “ The Story of Alderley; Life on the Edge ” at Terra Nova School. Tickets £10…..

‘In 1953 the schoolboy Alan Garner rediscovered a wooden shovel originally found in the Alderley copper mines in 1875.  In 1991 he presented it to the Manchester Museum in the University of Manchester: this – and the discovery of a hoard of over 500 Roamn coins – inspired the creation of the Alderley Edge Landscape Project, a multi-disciplinary research programme of the Museum and the National Trust, who own most of the Edge, that aimed to study the entire history of Alderley, from geology to entomology, mining to oral history.  No other village has enjoyed such a comprehensive study of its story.’

For details of tickets, see below:

Blackden Trust lecture Sat 11th March 2017

Blackden Trust lecture Sat 11th March 2017


New application opposite Mount Pleasant park

Feb 2017:  17/0680N  Yet a further attempt at development between 51/61 Main Road.  The application is for just one house, behind the two under construction – compare the photos, the footprint looks familiar to previous applications! Room for a few more?  All very well, but JBO have objected to previous applications over 3 on this site.


17/0680N Feb 2017 application

Sept 2016: 16/4306C refused

Sept 2016: 16/4306C refused

Two days left for Scoutbricks

There are only two days left to submit your order for an engraved paving brick to help raise money towards the final £50,000 needed to complete the new Scout Hut and Youth Centre.

If you have not already placed your order for an engraved brick, please complete the form (on the Scouts’ page) and take it along with your cheque to the Trading Post or Goostrey News by Friday evening – or you can hand deliver your form and money to any of our Section Leaders or deliver it to The Note House, Harrison Drive.

Please do tell your friends and neighbours about this campaign too!

PS – please make sure you tick the gift aid box on the form. The value of the gift aid is £6.25 per brick