7 thoughts on “Quarry planning exhibition today 4-8pm Cranage

  1. Excellent work for re-posting this for Goostrey Residents, but all should join in calling for Sibelco to properly run one of these events in Goostrey Village Hall – as Goostrey Residents will be those most affected!

  2. Please do join me in canvassing Mike Hurley at Sibelco to ask Sibelco to show the Goostrey community their good faith and run a Public Exhibition in Goostrey Village Hall (where all Goostrey Villagers Young, Old, Albe-bodied and not can easily see the proposals within walking / wheeling distance, and assess how they would affect our village, ask questions, and offer suggestions) here by emailing him: Mike.Hurley@sibelco.com

  3. Unfortunately I have already asked Goostrey PC to request one, and they recently voted against sending Sibelco a formal letter to request one. I was very disappointed at this tbh, I feel strongly that Goostrey residents have a right to be fully informed by Sibelco within Goostrey itself, which as you correctly note is the main CE village affected.

  4. Sibelco will get away with saying they have consulted with residents in both CE and CWaC as they have run events in Allostock (CWaC) and Cranage (CE). Yet any fool can see by looking at the map that this huge 186+ acre site will immediately ajoin Goostrey village´s Western edge. Sibelco need to show good faith, and not try to avoid the general public of Goostrey whom will be most affected by HGV disruption to the main routes into the village from the West, not to mention the vast removal of Cheshire East countryside surrounding our village on the West.

  5. …Better a properly managed quarry than houses if it were to come to it, but better still to remain a working farm. I very much hope the Sims son who apparently wishes to carry on farming this land wins through in the end…

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