Bell ringing comp today

(Sunday Update: Goostrey won!)


The trophy now on display in the bell tower.

This afternoon, Saturday 21st April, from 3pm you’ll hear our church bells ringing.

Goostrey is hosting the annual 6-bell striking competition for bell ringers in South Cheshire.

The aim is to ring a four-minute piece of method or call changes. The teams will be judged on their rhythm and accuracy and receive a trophy designed by a Goostrey ringer. If you’re passing the church why not stop and have a listen.

“It’s the first time for a couple of years that the Goostrey ringers have fielded a team but we’ll do our best for the village. Here’s hoping for a sunny spring day too!” Tom Nestor

‘By Seven Firs and Goldenstone – A Walk Between Worlds’

A new event by The Blackden Trust entitled ‘By Seven Firs and Goldenstone – A Walk Between Worlds.’ is to be launched in September 2018.

The Goldenstone

Goldenstone sits at the end of the track that leads from the Alderley Edge car park to Stormy Point.  It is a large lump of conglomerate stone that marks the boundary between Nether Alderley and Over Alderley.  It has been shaped by humans and was placed deliberately there, possibly in prehistory.  It is a greyish colour, rather than golden, and its name is probably derived from ‘Gylden’, meaning ‘tax’ or ‘tribute’, i.e. the ‘tribute stone’, that is, a place that such transactions happened. Its significance in the Alderley Edge legend is that it is one of the places that the Wizard leads the farmer to on their journey to the Iron Gates.  Alan Garner uses it as a location in both the Weirdstone of Brisingamen and the Moon of Gomrath.

Tim Campbell-Green + Katherine Darby

Local author Alan Garner’s daughter Katharine Darby and archaeologist Dr. Tim Campbell-Green took a walk over Alderley Edge to discuss their initial ideas.  Alan and Griselda Garner provided background information in guidance for content of the event. Find out more about this and all their events:

If you are interested in joining their happy team of volunteers, please email



The Blackden Trust March 2018 

Road closures update

CEC Highways confirm that property & business access WILL BE maintained during the 9.30-15.30 Main Road closure (so there’s no excuse for skipping work/school!).

Only residents “directly affected” were notified by letter…. though it might have been wiser to do a wider letter drop considering how many people will be affected.

They suggest speaking to the site supervisor if more info is needed (and apologised for any inconvenience).