Earthworks at ex-MoD site

I wonder what is going on at the Twemlow ex-MoD site.  The photos below show all the concrete being dug up, as you can see from Goostrey Lane, so it looks like it’s being made ready for something!  A bit of a mystery at the moment as there isn’t a relevant planning application on the CEC webpage.

5 thoughts on “Earthworks at ex-MoD site

  1. As your post says there is no planning application on the CEC website. Therefore, it is difficult to speculate what is going on. Unless this impacts on our village what Ray Brown does on his land is his business.

    • It would be good to see it looking somewhat smarter than of late from Goostrey Lane, and hopefully be of use as an extension to their farming business. (I would think unlikely to be housing due to JBO)

  2. i wish you all had let the plant thing he was going for go throu .but there that few people that cant see progres . you like the idea of living in the countryside but dont like the things that are part of it smell noise the tractors go back and live in the the town whatever he doing just let them get on with it and keep your nose out of it . if it was mine i would let the traveling community live there then let you complain i love goostrey but there the rot that can’t see the progres any way that my opinion

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