Current train times

A reminder of train times; to avoid “a heart-attack inducing dash for a train” such as one resident recently had to endure!
Worth checking times before you travel as the drivers are working to rule due to their dispute with RMT; along with the problem of there not being enough drivers to service the new timetable.

Apparently the situation could last for months!

Most trains to Manchester from Goostrey leave at 3 minutes past the hour
Goostrey to Manchester:
0600, 0703, 0729, 0803 (exc. Saturdays), then hourly to 2103, 2204, 2327.
Sundays Goostrey to Manchester:
0910, 1010, 1108, 1212, 1311, 1510 then hourly to 2010, 2109, 2209, 2310.
Goostrey to Crewe: Monday-Friday
Saturdays Goostrey to Crewe:
Sundays Goostrey to Crewe:
0931,1031,1233,1340, 1440, 1540, 1640, 1742, 1842,1940,2041,2145,2247
Most Goostrey-bound trains now depart from Manchester at one minute past the hour.
Link to full time-table:  Train Times

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