Offices proposed on ex-MoD site

A piece in the Knutsford Guardian this week describes a new application for offices on the ex-MoD site in Twemlow, stating that replacing the allegedly “dangerous” buildings would bring a “multi-million pound boost for the local economy”……..18/3670  Comments by 22August……

(The new offices would be at the entrance of where an industrial anaerobic digester waste plant was refused a few years ago.  The new proposal, by Goostrey’s David Giles, doesn’t include plans for the old aviation fuel tanks.  Jodrell Bank has not yet commented.)

So says the developers behind a scheme to create 14 offices at Twemlow Lane in Holmes Chapel (sic) on the site of a building which is ‘unfit for human occupation’.  The three connected buildings were originally used as offices and facilities space at the Twemlow Lane entrance to the former Ministry of Defence fuel depot.


When built around 1940 they were insulated with spray-applied asbestos, which developers Note House said ‘posed a severe danger to human health and the environment’ in its current condition.  Water has entered through the flat roof, causing sections of asbestos to fall to the floor and parts of the building to be contaminated with asbestos coating and asbestos dust.

The developers originally intended to renovate the former MOD building, but the presence of spray-applied asbestos meant the option of reusing the building was not viable.  Note House is seeking approval from Cheshire East Council to demolish the building and build one comprising 14 offices.

A report with the application said: “The combined annual economic impact on the local economy from office rental, estimated business turnover of companies occupying the facility, and spend by these companies with suppliers in the local rural economy, is estimated to be in excess of £5 million.  The facility will employ reception and cleaning staff and a part-time office manager, with about 30 occupants using office space, which means the opportunity for 31.5 full-time equivalents in the rural economy in Twemlow.  Twemlow Parish Council was consulted over the design of the building and development layout, including car parking, before the submission of plans, and an initial discussion was held with councillor Peter Kolker.  No objections were raised, the view expressed being a desire to replace the dilapidated building and bring new business to the rural community.”  (Cllr Andrew Kolker not Peter? LG.)

Asbestos removal firm LAR Abatement Specialists told Note House the current buildings were in a ‘seriously degraded condition’ in many areas.  The firm said spray coating contained a very high percentage of asbestos, and the act of spraying meant it would have penetrated into many cavities and ‘nooks and crannies’.  It said the best solution would be demolish the building.  Knutsford Guardian.

The comments deadline on the application 18/3670 is August 22.


One thought on “Offices proposed on ex-MoD site

  1. It is sad the previous ‘residents’ left without being made to remove this awful legacy. If the new residents demolish the buildings and dispose of the rubble etc in a responsible manner I’m sure the community will support the proposals.

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