Proposed replacement dwelling at the vicarage

*(15th Nov) This application has been withdrawn – presumably a new version will be submitted soon. 

You may have noticed the empty and forlorn looking (previous) vicarage on Blackden Lane, with its garden trees etc cut back; Calderpeel have now put forward plans for a large replacement dwelling on the site for Mr & Mrs Mark Bowers.  See pictures below.          Link to their application on the CEC planning page:  18/4949C

The proposed house, “Fairfields”, would be somewhat larger than the present footprint; 3325 sq ft rather than the current 1745 sq ft.

“The design intent for this development was rooted in the belief that The Vicarage should fit comfortably among the existing buildings in the area. It was our intention that the new building should sit on the footprint of the original building and be of a similar height so as to be as unobtrusive as possible for the neighbouring dwellings. The roof of the proposed building is comparable to that of the existing property, but features more gable ends to give interest to the elevations. There will also be a number of skylights in the roof to give the attic space some natural lighting. A lighter brick will be used for the external walls of the proposed building to modernise the scheme a little.” Calderpeel



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