One thought on “Glamping recep

  1. I am against this proposal for a number of reasons. The first is simple, this is prime agricultural land and needs to be preserved. There are too many ‘green field’ building sites in the North West already, adding to them is not acceptable. In addition if this does proceed, it is inevitable that further developments will follow!

    My second point is the location of the development on Bomish Lane. This is a busy road already with people using it as a shortcut between Goostrey and the Chelford road – adding further traffic would increase this problem. Sadly the road is used by small lorries & vans plus tractors and realistically there isn’t sufficient space/pasing places for these vehicles if you are approaching them – this often causes problems. Worth pointing out, the shift to ‘online’ shopping has increased the number of vans on the road – this would put a real strain on Bomish Lane.
    The junction at Church Bank has issues – namely poor visibility of the main road – this is made even worse by cars parking outside the school. As a result driver’s pull out into the main road and this does cause safety issue for the drivers on the Main Road/Station Road.
    Sadly this is made even worse by drivers who are obviously exceeding the speed limit! Increasing the numbers of cars coming from the proposed development into Goostrey will inevitable have an impact on traffic flow at this junction.

    My third point, has the provision of essential services been included in the proposal? Thinking here of road access, electricity, street lighting, water, sewage and refuse collection as examples.

    My final point relates to public services. Adding this number of dwellings will have an impact on these services – examples here are doctors, pharmacies, ambulances, police, fire service and postal services. Some of these services are already stretched so adding additional residents needs to be considered carefully by these service providers.

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