Remembrance on the Bogbean

Goostrey’s fallen in the First World War will be honoured at a ceremonial oak tree planting at 10.30am on Saturday, November 10th on the Bogbean.

The 18 young men from Goostrey, Twemlow and Allostock who gave their lives in the war will be remembered at a memorial service organised by the Goostrey branch of the Royal British Legion, who have funded the event along with Goostrey Parish Council.

The branch will be joined by the chairman of Goostrey Parish Council, Ken Morris, 18 Scouts and Guides from Goostrey, the vicar of St Luke’s Church, Reverend Heather Buckley and the Minister of the Methodist Church, Reverend Yvonne Pearson.

Commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War, an oak tree will be planted on the Bogbean, and Scouts and Guides will place named poppy crosses in honour of each of the fallen in a wreath beside the tree, to salute the men and as an everlasting memory of their sacrifice for the community and country. A memorial plaque will be placed around the tree.

The men to be honoured…..

George Lewis Hamilton. Born Twemlow Hall Lodge 1891. Returned to England wounded in September 1916 and died from his wounds on October 27, age 25. Awarded the Military Medal for bravery in action which led to his death.

Walter Bagnall. Born Twemlow 1893. Died in action at Ypres May 6, 1915, age 22.

Joseph Hamilton. Born Allostock 1895. Killed October 31st, 1914. No known resting place.

William Davies. Born May 5th 1894 Parkgate Peover Superior. Died August 17th 1915.

Philip Kirkland Glazebrook. Born December 24th 1880. A Conservative MP in South Manchester whose parents were from Twemlow Hall. Died in action on March 7th 1918.

Thomas Rufus. Born May 18th 1890. Son of parents from The Willows, Goostrey. Died in action April 14th 1918. Buried where he fell.

Levi Jervis. Born Blackden 1896. Killed in action March 21st 1918.

George Smallwood. Born in Blackden 1890. Died in action June 13th 1917.

Frederick Johnson. Born Blackden 1887. Killed at The Somme on September 28th 1917.

James Street. Born in Goostrey 1891. Died from his wounds on March 26th 1918.

Henry Newton. Born 1882. His family moved to Twemlow and he enlisted in October 1915. Died from his wounds on April 15th 1916.

George Thomas Woodward. Born 1898. Survived hospital treatment to return to action, but died on December 18th 1918 from the flu epidemic sweeping through Europe.

William Street. Born Twemlow Green 1888. Killed in Balkan Campaign April 25th 1917.

Thomas Edward Barber. Born 1884. Killed in action September 17th 1916.

William Carter. Born Goostrey 1897. Enlists at Northwich in 1914. Killed in action July 27th 1916.

Charles Parrott. Born Goostrey 1899. Awarded the Military Medal in 1917 for bravery in action. Killed at Flanders on March 31st 1918.

Herbert James Hardy. Born 1890 in London but family moved to Twemlow. Killed at the third Battle of Ypres on September 22nd 1917.

Arthur Wood. Born Goostrey 1898. Killed at battle of St Quentin on March 23rd 1918.

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