Traffic Lights scheduled at the rail bridge

Cheshire East are to install traffic lights on the railway station bridge in the new year.

****(January 2019 update: plans currently on hold “mainly down to the complexities of the site in terms of the highway boundary extents”.)

It is anticipated that Station Road will be closed from 4th February to 3rd March 2019 (the dates are only provisional at the moment).

Residents seem to be split in their views on the lights; some strongly in favour, due to safety reasons, and others less so. Will it complicate things at the entrance to the Station and nearby resident’s driveways?  One resident said “I worry it will actually cause drivers entering the village to speed if they’ve been held up on red, especially as many seem to think they don’t need to slow until near the Red Lion, maybe another 30 sign could be put up on the village side of the Station”.  (Highways state that additional signage is not necessary as the presence of street lights indicate a speed limit of 30mph.)

The Parish Council’s preferred solution was a footbridge, but I believe this was ruled out by CEC/Railtrack due to insufficient space on the platform and issues with the overhead wires.

CEC/Railtrack decided that, as their risk assessment showed there is also a danger of cars leaving the road and going down onto the rail track, a traffic light scheme is needed – as well as a footway to address the safety of people crossing the bridge to the southbound track on foot.

Station lights

Station bridge closure


6 thoughts on “Traffic Lights scheduled at the rail bridge

  1. Who do we lobby to get Goostrey Lane converted down to 30mph then all the way from the 30mph zone at Twemlow Lane end to the new Traffic Lights on the Rail Bridge… as you simply cannot have a safe 60mph National Speed Limit going into a traffic light on red stop / queue of cars… Massive Road Safety issue unless CE Highways extend the 30mph speed limit down all the way along Goostrey Lane.

  2. As a resident on Goostrey Lane I can testify to the often 60mph+ speeders along Goostrey Lane… (often estimated at 70mph+) certainly accelerating well above 30mph in the 30mph zone… I share the view that frustrated speeders whom have been stuck at a red light will use the current 60mph National Zone section as even more of a race track… it needs to be brought down to 30mph by CE Highways. If they are reluctant to do so, the other solution to stop speeding cars through the 30mph section of Goostrey Lane into Twemlow Green village centre (and the recent accidents associated with such), would be an effective speed hump / sleeping policeman at the current Northern end start to the 30mph zone (outside the Old Fuel Depot Goostrey Lane entrance). Either approach would help to curb speeding and associated potential serious car / pedestrian / cyclist accidents.

  3. Whilst I support the installation of the lights, the closure of Station Road will mean road diversions around the Village. I assume that one route will be along Hermitage Lane.

    The recent diversion along Hermitage Lane when Main Road was closed resulted in a vast increase in traffic movements along a road which is for the most part narrow and has no lighting or footpaths; this is especially relevant during the winter months with limited daylight hours. To residents it appeared that, as drivers were being diverted from their chosen route, they travelled faster.

    I appreciate that the current speed limit along most of Hermitage Lane is set at 60 m.p.h. but would it be possible to request a lesser (preferably enforceable) speed limit of, say, 30 m.p.h. along Hermitage Lane for the period when Station Road is closed?

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