Santa’s sleigh in east Goostrey from 5:30

SANTA’S SLEIGH will be out tonight (15th December) from approx 5:30pm visiting GOOSTREY EAST: Main Road (north side, eastwards from Long Shoot), Mill Lane, Woodlands, Buckbean Way, Brooklands Drive (and side roads), Station Road, Main Road (south side back to Long Shoot)

If you are out when they pass by, or have no cash, you can donate online here:

Peter Whiers, HCP Project Officer

“I am please to say that we have now raised over £1700 through donations made to the collectors that travel with Santa. If you missed Santa when he came to your area, then you can see him again in the ALDI car park, 10.00am to 3.00pm this Saturday.” (As well as Goostrey East later today) “We hear many stories from those collecting each night, including tales of bright eyed children telling Santa what they want for Christmas. But perhaps what’s even more rewarding for those of us that volunteer our services, are the older people on their own, who say they are cheered up by our arrival.”

This run will be operated by the Viking Explorer Scout Unit

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