Sand Quarry approved by Cheshire West

Plans for the Sibelco sand quarry on land at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt Lane were approved today by Cheshire West & Chester. The proposal had previously been approved on April 4th by Cheshire East’s strategic planning board.   (new info from the Environment Agency wasn’t discussed at the meeting but if the EA change their original ‘no objection’ then it will be referred back to planning).

Cheshire East are to meet again to review the new documents but it seems doubtful that they are allowed to alter their original vote.

and 17/03104/MIN Cheshire West and Chester)

Amongst others Goostrey’s Cllr Ken Morris spoke against the application over concerns about fugitive silica dust as well as pointing out that the stated Condition by Jodrell Bank Observatory for the site to not exceed the ITU threshold cannot possibly be enforced.  Especially when Sibelco say the site already exceeds it (before driver’s mobiles etc).  JBO have been given a draft scheme by Sibelco and will have to sign off on it before plans can go ahead.

In regard to water levels of nearby New Platt Mere dropping; CWaC stated that work would stop if water levels dropped to a certain level, and only resume once they had risen again.

Sand Quarry 8th Jan

Decision date 8th Jan


13 thoughts on “Sand Quarry approved by Cheshire West

  1. Why are we not surprised! After all the folk who opposed this. Makes you wonder why we bother . Really upset that once again the locals have been ignored.

  2. Good evening I would like to point out that unseen silica crystals are released into the air during the process of quarrying sand. Inhaling crystalline silica can lead to serious sometimes fatal illnesses including silicosis,lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition silica exposure has been linked to other illnesses including renal disease and other cancers. I have not seen this issue raised.It is a serious issue especially as the Sibelco would be working very near a highly populated area. It would represent a serious unacceptable Environmental Health issue. Sibelco should not be allowed to work at the Cranage site because of this environmental health issue if nothing else. I hope you will forcefully make this point to Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council and Cheshire East Council in the appeal against the Sand Quarry. Kind Regards Gillian Muston

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  3. I suggest that it is not possible for Sibelco to prevent crystalline silica entering the atmosphere however hard they might try.

  4. Jodrell Bank has stopped other developments within its 5 mile radius and which cause unacceptable radio interference.If it holds true to these principles then the Sibelco project should be stopped .

    • It would depend on measurements of interference; ‘other developments’ have been domestic housing rather than industrial activity. CWaC will set Conditions, one of which will be set by JBO to halt operations if their work is impaired.

    • (I can’t see that lobbying JBO would have any effect at all – they are well aware of the details of this case and will have carried out measurements etc, setting out necessary conditions)

  5. Esther McVey MP objected to Sibelcos application on environmental grounds before Christmas following an email from myself .Unfortonately to no avail.

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