Unique new sign at a Goostrey Station

Have you noticed? There’s a new banner mounted beside the platform at Goostrey Railway Station.   The wonderful artwork is by Eamonn Murphy and the banner was commissioned by Friends of Goostrey Station (FOGS). 

FOGS volunteers who erected the unique banner at Goostrey Station

Chair of FOGS, Mike Jarvis said ‘The digitally produced images are part of a Community Rail project featuring iconic buildings close to local railway lines.  Northern Rail chose two structures to represent Goostrey : the Old Medicine House, which is the home of author Alan Garner and his wife Griselda, and the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank.’
Several members of FOGS attended the launch exhibition in Manchester.  All were impressed by the designs which are in a style reminiscent of the classic posters of the 1920s and 1930s.  The aim of the project is to increase the number of visitors to the sites illustrated and also to promote travel by train. 
Vice chair of FOGS Craig Sidebotham explained that, after discussion, Eamonn Murphy agreed to create a banner especially for Goostrey.  FOGS members asked him to use images which reflected the stations along the Crewe – Manchester line.  Hence the title of the banner is “Goostrey Connections”.
Thanks go to the volunteers who transported and erected the banner.   But special thanks must go to Bill Macdonald who planned and made the wooden supports.  FOGS members are also grateful to the owners of Blackden Manor who allowed the structure to be placed on their land.
‘What a privilege to have this special feature at our station!’ commented FOGS secretary Louise Willis.  ‘We’re also excited that work to restore the historic ticket office has begun. There’s a target date of May 2019 for the owners, Network Rail, to complete the external repairs.’

Designed by Eamonn Murphy

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