Goostrey Post Office robbed

Sadly Goostrey post office was robbed this afternoon, between 4 and 4:30pm shortly before closing. Apparently it was a youth with something resembling a crowbar who took a small amount of cash.

We hear that everyone is ok, thank goodness, though no doubt Steve and Gill will be shaken. (Mrs Kettle was in the back room and was unaware of the incident until after it was over. She was visited by Rev. Heather shortly after and was said to be fine.)

Police with dogs were quickly at the scene – you may have heard all the sirens – and questioned people nearby etc and gathered forensics, searching nearby fields.

Anyone with information should contact the police via 101 or  . Alternatively information can be given anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

If you have dashcam footage you can submit it by going to

If you have information on the Rode Heath robbery please reference IML 452991. If you have information on the Goostrey robbery please reference IML 453099.

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