FOGS are celebrating again! But need your vote…

FOGS members are delighted that their efforts have been recognised in a competition organised by the Association of Community Rail Partnerships, ACoRP.   FOGS has been shortlisted in three categories. But will have to wait until the gala dinner in Telford on 3rd October to know the winners of all twelve categories. 

First shortlisting : a photo or film  VOTES NEEDED!*

The judges chose 12 entries that in their opinion, best capture ‘community rail in action’.  But the winner will be decided by public vote so please support FOGS by clicking the link below and vote!…..

click here to vote…….> Cast your Vote for FOGS. *You can vote until 3 September

FOGS entry photo – it’s option d in the above competition – shows two of our volunteers taking a break during a working party to enjoy the pleasant seating area on the Manchester platform.  This part of the station has been made more welcoming by tubs of flowering plants and railway memorabilia.  

Vote for this photo to help FOGS win an ACoRP award!

Second shortlisting : most enhanced buildings and surroundings

FOGS submission comprised a brief summary and several photos plus a more detailed description under the headings Aims, What Happened and Results.  There was much to write about – from gardening, sweeping, art displays, unique banners and conservation to the restoration of the water supply and the renovation of the iconic wooden building.

Third shortlisting : it’s your station

FOGS achieved enough points to be placed in the gold band but the winners of each band – bronze, silver, gold and platinum – will be revealed at the award ceremony.  FOGS sent photos plus a detailed description under the headings Gardening Achievement, Community Participation and Environmental Responsibility.  Two judges also visited Goostrey station, arriving (appropriately) by train!  FOGS members were proud to tell them about our achievements but the judges also wanted to know about the problems we faced and our plans for the future. 

FOGS has been shortlisted in previous years.  In 2017, it was for the  Art Displays by Goostrey Community Primary School in the platform shelter.  The year after, it was for Involving Diverse Groups of People in improving Goostrey station.  Perhaps 2019 will be the year when we win an ACoRP award!

To ensure that passengers are proud to use Goostrey station working parties continue on the second Sunday of each month starting at 10am and FOGS always welcome new volunteers.  For more information, please contact Mike Jarvis on 01477 533981 or look at the FOGS website at 

Currently they have no store room, so it would be best if helpers took tools such as brushes, spades, forks, loppers or secateurs.  There will be a few spares available for those not able to bring their own. While working, every volunteer must wear one of FOGS’ orange safety jackets; orange is the specified railway safety colour and yellow ones can confuse train drivers travelling at speed.  No-one should work alone at the station in case there is an accident.

Link to full list of short-listed stations: Community Rail Awards 2019

Goostrey Flower Club summer lunch

From Goostrey Flower Club:

“We had the most wonderful day yesterday at Goostrey flower club’s summer lunch, it really was a fantastic day. The weather was amazing, how lucky we were. We are a very friendly club and anyone wanting to come along to our meetings see attached poster, no need to join just come as a visitor. If you like flowers it’s a great afternoon with tea and biscuits after the demonstration.”

Equestrian plans refused near Swanwick Hall

Cheshire East has refused planning for a stable block and ménage near Swanwick Hall in an effort to preserve the setting of Grade II-listed building. Link: 19/1653C

Cheshire East Council’s southern planning committee agreed with planning officers on Wednesday that a proposed new equestrian business on land near Swanwick Hall, off Booth Bed Lane, would harm the building’s setting.

It comes three years after the Government upheld a CEC decision not to allow 119 new homes on the land due to its proximity to Swanwick Hall – and officers felt any social benefits to the new equestrian business would not outweigh its harm to the site.

Cllr Ken Morris, chairman of Goostrey Parish Council, said: “CEC has already spent a lot of time and money protecting the fields in this location and there have been a whole series of refusals. Any public benefits would be very small – there are already established commercial liveries and menages operating in Goostrey.” [ The PC supported the Heritage Officer’s report which said….] “There would be an unacceptable impact and a harmful precedent for development in these fields.”

Cllr Morris added that the road leading to the site is too narrow for pedestrians to stand aside while wide vehicles pass by. That was a concern shared by Cllr Andrew Kolker, who suggested there is ‘just nowhere to leap to’ away from oncoming traffic.

The Conservative CEC member for Dane Valley also argued it is a ‘very sensitive area of land’ in light of the need to preserve Swanwick Hall. Cllr Kolker said: “I would be very nervous about challenging a decision that has been considered, not only by a planning inspector, but reaffirmed by the Secretary of State.”

But Andy Woodward, representing the developer, insisted the scheme would not cause harm to Swanwick Hall – pointing out that the Government’s decision was based on a major housing development. He said: “Surely a small equestrian business like this cannot possibly be viewed in a similar way as a housing estate? The hall is over 250m away from the gate, the grass track and the stables. The hall can’t be seen from any of those positions – so the hall can’t see them either.”

Cllr Kathryn Flavell, Labour, agreed with Mr Woodward – and suggested the business would be a ‘good use of the land’.

The scheme was narrowly rejected by six votes to five.

Knutsford Guardian

View the Goostrey Parish Archives

The Goostrey Parish Archive group welcome material of local interest and already have a mass of photographs etc to examine and catalogue in the growing collection.

The archive is open to the public on Tuesdays 2pm – 4pm and on Thursdays 10am – 12.00 in the Village Hall.

Archive chairman Roger Burgess, “The archive is up and running in its new home and people are welcome to drop in when we are open to look at documents and pictures of village life, as well as bring any items they think we might like for the collection. It is amazing the amount of material we have that might otherwise have been lost, including photographs of the village and its people from before the Victorian age up to modern times.”

For further information about the group Roger can be contacted by calling 01477 535443.