New House Bonus cash for councils

No wonder Cheshire East are having a big push for houses – in the news today, under the New House Bonus scheme to encourage house building, Cheshire East will receive a large pot of money from the government. They are currently one of the top 50 councils ( No. 34 out of a total of 354 councils) for receiving the highest bonus payments (see attached spreadsheet) , even higher than Cheshire West (no.58) . The more expensive the house – the more money they will receive, with an extra payment for providing affordable homes.

The government expect councils to consult communities about how they will spend the money.

Is this one reason why Goostrey has been ‘bumped up’ to be a Local Service Centre and why over 700 houses are proposed in Siddington and Gawsworth? To just increase the amount of money received in the New Bonus scheme? How is this sustainable without the corresponding increase in local jobs?

Every comment on the Local Plan is important. Make sure you have your say.

full government details on the New House Bonus here.

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