5 year supply difficulties

While we are waiting to find out if Cheshire East can actually prove they have a 5 year supply, LoveGoostrey wonders how Government can tell Councils that they need to demonstrate a 5 year housing supply without providing clarity on how it should be calculated?

“Councils across the country are running into difficulties over their five-year land supply”,  said Mike Kiely, President of the Planning Officers Society and Director of Planning at the London Borough of Croydon,  in response to a question from Planning magazine.

Kiely added that “clarity is needed over the correct methodology for determining housing land supply.”

Research published by property firm Savills last month said that there are 10 councils across the south of England that have claimed to have in excess of a five-year housing land supply, only for their supply to be found to be less than five years by an inspector at appeal.

John Silvester, the Society Spokesperson, commented that a clear guide to housing land supply methodology was something the Society had been pressing the government to provide for some time. he added “with a stated intention not to create such guidance the government has left Council’s in a real predicament. What we need is consistency between authorities.”

The previous housing land supply methododolgy, prepared by POS for the government, is now superceded. Details of the new national planning guidance can be found here

25 Apr 2014 Planning Officers Society

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