Further proposal for 2 houses by 51 Main Rd

It is encouraging when a developer acknowledges the influence of Jodrell Bank Telescope on planning applications for new houses in the village.  A new application 15/5517C  has been posted for 2 houses on the land between 51 and 61 Main Road.

Originally three larger houses were approved on this site, when JBO did not raise any objections as long as screening protection was provided. Then a second application  for seven houses instead was refused where JBO said it would cause unacceptable interference.

[Tho’ it has to be said that the proposed 2 homes are on a similar footprint as in the 7 refused – so a further 5 could well be in the pipeline……]

From JBO’s previous comments we understand it is the cumulative impact of additional housing that is a key consideration so JBO may still object to this application for two houses, as there is still the potential 119 houses at Shearbook to contend with. It will be interesting to see their response.

Let’s hope other developers with interest in the village take notice and revise their plans accordingly, allowing a slower more sustainable growth of the village that wouldn’t impact on JBO’ s research and would be more in line with the villagers’ needs and wishes.

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    From the application it confirms the intention that this is a first phase of development, with the allowance for future phases in the future.

    The application does also include another interesting point with regards the villages’ Neighbourhood Plan.

    “…… Any housing land supply policies contained within the draft Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan would not be considered up to date in the absence of a five year supply of housing land across the Borough. ”

    Therefore even if Cheshire East had a Local Plan and a Neighbourhood plan was adopted ( which they haven’t as yet). In the absence of a demonstrated 5 year housing supply the housing land policies within the Neighbourhood Plan could still be considered out of date , and not sufficient grounds to refuse an application. It looks like Cheshire East are currently a long way off from having a defendable 5 year housing supply even if they could get their Local Plan ratified….

    However, Jodrell Bank Observatory remains the key planning constraint within the village, and this development may be acceptable to them as the first phase is small in size.

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