5yr position statement

Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement

The Position Statement was produced by Cheshire East Council and was approved by the Portfolio Holder on 10 February 2014.  The NPPF requires Local Planning Authorities to set out a five year supply of specific deliverable sites for housing, including an appropriate buffer.  This update assessment has been produced as a snapshot to identify the housing land supply situation within the Borough on the base date of 31 December 2013.  Cheshire East Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement (PDF, 994KB)

source Cheshire East Council


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    A comprehensive document setting out Cheshire East’s position, but this is the latest in a long list of statements saying that the 5 yr housing supply has been proved and that planning applications can be determined accordingly.
    I have seen statements to the effect that Eric Pickles has written a letter saying Cheshire East have their 5 yr plan and it does not have to have this confirmed by an Inspector BUT I have yet to see anything definitive that confirms this.
    The latest Appeal was successful precisely because Cheshire East DIDN’T have the 5yr supply proven.

    Whilst Cheshire East Council undoubtably have done considerable work on this and approved it in Council, can they please show me the approval from Mr Pickles, an Inspector or whoever?

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      Yes agreed. Seems that the way it works is that it is considered at the Appeal of each planning application and then the decision is at the whim of the Planning Inspector as to whether it is sufficient or not. We’ve asked Cheshire East if there can be an independent statement/review of the 5 year housing supply but there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to do this which seems hard to comprehend. Better that, than the current pantomime! Hopefully we will have some clarity after Easter.

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    I agree with Malcolm’s comments. Inside Cheshire everything is rosy but everyone needs to look towards London and the Planning Inspectorate as it is they who will decide matters.

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