7pm Sunday 22nd BBC4: A muddy field in Cheshire became key site in space race

Brilliant Timeshift BBC4 programme repeated about Sir Bernard Lovell and Jodrell “still doing cutting edge scientific research”.  Goostrey’s iconic Mrs Kettle recalls when the Lovell was being built in a muddy field to still being a “beautiful sight”.  Also features Blackden’s folklore and fantasy novelist Alan Garner. If you missed it find it on iplayer but it repeats on Sunday 22nd at 7pm.  Well worth watching!

Timeshift:  Sir Bernard Lovell and Jodrell Bank Observatory.  “The unlikely story of how one man with some ex-WWII army equipment eventually turned a muddy field in Cheshire into a key site in the space race. That man was Bernard Lovell, and his telescope at Jodrell Bank would be used at the height of the Cold War by both the Americans and the Russians to track their competing spacecraft. It also put Britain at the forefront of radio astronomy, a new science which transformed our knowledge of space and provided the key to understanding the most mind-bending theory of the beginnings of the universe – the Big Bang.”



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    Wonder what the future of the Lovell telescope will be with the current development pressures in the surrounding area? It would be a real shame to lose such a iconic structure and the associated research . Although they will have access to the SKA research in the future , I understand this will only cover the southern hemisphere and hence looking at a different sky.

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