Last weekend saw the village of Goostrey, bedecked with bunting, and on Saturday morning, there was an air of anticipation and tremor of excitement, for the new Rose Queen, and Rose Bud Queen due to be crowned after a year of waiting!
It was slightly chilly that morning, but the clouds soon parted, and the sun came through a Cornflower blue sky, as we had prayers at St Luke’s. It was so lovely to see the scaled down procession of cars, truck, bikes and people wanderering freely through the village.
The photographs captured the delight of the day and the recordings on Dane Sound Radio held the moments of joy, and celebration glimpsed after a dearth of gatherings, parties and celebrations.
The Sunday Service at St Luke’s the following morning celebrated the goodness that has come through the turmoil of the last fifteen months, of Lockdown, and encouraged us to be positive; as we negotiate the uncertainty of the way forward now. We guard our thoughts from negativity. We trust. We live in hope. We face obstacles with resilience and courage.
It was so good to hear the recorded message from Elizabeth Fontein school in South Africa full of hope, and gratitude. On behalf of the school community and those who have visited Goostrey in times past the head teacher sent their love to the village. They Love Goostrey!
We Love Goostrey!


Yours Truly,

Charlotte Fellows

Researcher and Writer




 Sarah McNaught

 Managing Director



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