A New Era For Love Goostrey

As you will have gathered from our last post, today marks something of a new era for Love Goostrey, as it’s the first run by the new editor, Andrew Shanahan (that’s me, don’t worry I’m not going to write this all in the third person).

Before I bore you about me, I would like to put on record just how incredible and valuable a job Janet has done for a place we all love. Starting in 2013, she has documented and campaigned for our village with incredible regularity and energy. As I commented on a recent post when she announced her departure, I think she has done an incredible civic service for Goostrey. She has supported the efforts of local organisations, while providing a fun and informative journal of what’s going on. I sincerely hope that our local organisations do their bit to recognise her efforts, which are all the more impressive because she’s never once asked for recognition.

I got in touch with Janet several months ago to ask if she ever needed volunteers to help with the site, because as I’m sure as many of you have previously thought, it is a very useful resource and I wanted to help however I could. Janet politely refused saying she was happy to carry on with her “hobby” on her own, which I really respected because it shows how passionate she was about representing Goostrey in her way. Fast forward a few months and as she realised that she was going to be moving from the area, she asked if I was still interested in taking over, so here we are!

I’ve spent most of my career as a freelance journalist writing for The Guardian, The Telegraph and a number of magazines, many of which are too terrible or boring to mention. I’ve also unintentionally started a number of businesses in the past and I have recently stepped away from these to return to writing full-time. My family and I have lived in Goostrey since 2006, so we’re newcomers, but in that time we have been involved with St Luke’s, the local footpath group, Rose Day and we’re keen supporters of the schools.

I’m very keen to try and ensure that Love Goostrey represents and protects our local village, but that it also gives a platform for the people of the area. On a wider point I’m also a believer that we need to find a better way to do local news, which is sustainable and that helps to strengthen our local communities. You’ll be glad to hear that I’m very keen to follow Janet’s lead and ensure that Love Goostrey isn’t about its editor, and hopefully this is the last time for a while that you’ll hear about me. Love Goostrey at its heart should always be about our village and about its residents.

I look forward to carrying on Janet’s excellent work and to bringing you more years of Love Goostrey supporting the village.

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    Welcome Andrew, you have some large boots to fill, as you know.Those of us who are committed ‘Goosegogs’ as you are, eagerly anticipate more campaigns, enthusiastic and incisive reporting.
    David Beven

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    Lovely to meet you Andrew….and I wish you an enjoyable journey on lovegoostrey.com!
    I’ve lived in the village for 42 years and loved every minute…it is a great place to live.

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    Welcome Andrew – and well done for taking on the LoveGoostrey mantle. We’ll miss Janet and her wonderful work, but you sound equally enthusiastic about the local community and sharing news in support of it, so well done – great to have you at the helm.

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    Hello Andrew I’m very pleased that you are continuing Janet’s great work on LG. As this year’s chair of the Parish Council (and as a long term resident) I’ve sent Janet items of news from time to time, so hopefully you are OK if I continue to do so. Janet and I had a strong interest in planning , having both worked on the Neighbourhood Plan so that was the subject of quite a few of our posts! I’m away on hols now for 2 weeks, but hope to be in touch when we get back. All the best Ken


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    Hello AndrewI I enjoy reports from LG. Please keep up the good work that Janet so admirably gave us all in Goostrey. Good Luck on you endeavours.

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    Well done for taking this on Andrew. Such a useful resource.

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