Another site but not on the SHLAA

Yet another¬†potential development for Goostrey that has been put forward but which isn’t yet on the SHLAA.¬†¬† So it is another potential development for consideration, posted within the last consultation on the Local Plan.

north of Main Road
north of Main Road

Land north of Main Road, submission on behalf of Hourigan Connolly, Dec 2013


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    Horrific, simply horrific. At this rate someone needs to stand as an Independent to fight off all these developments to defend the village against preditory developers. Goostrey should have no more than 50 new houses over the next 15 years – that is what our local councillors and CE Cllr Jones and crew have already publically stated – and even this would be unprecedented expansion for the village, whose infrastructure and services would be stretched to sustainable limits. No more of this tragical farce, it’s time we all said NO!
    Dave Johnson – Booth Bed Lane

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    I bet they say this is “infill” and “sustainable” as well!!

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    Yes absolutely agree! Apparently its being driven by Handforth as an alternative to the Handforth East village proposal. To be sustainable development needs to be near the main centres of employment. With the Airport City development then I can see the logic of the new village in Handforth to provide the workforce for the new employers which will be sited there. I can’t see the logic in large scale development in Goostrey (unless you live in Handforth)!

    With respect to the proposed 30-50 houses in Goostrey ( of which 15 have already been constructed/granted planning permission) I suggest to minimise the impact on residents then we are all going to have to accept some development near to us. If we remain a Local Service Centre after 2030 then expect alot more development!

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    LoveGoostrey hears that this is not yet an application, merely a suggested potential site put forward as a possible inclusion in to the SHLAA. If it is rejected then Goostrey won’t have to act. Could be a bit of a canny move on Handforth’s part.

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