Appeal for 6 houses in Goostrey

At the same time as an application for just one house behind the two nearing completion by 51 Main Road (opposite Mt Pleasant park) developers Henderson Homes (through planning consultants Emery Partnership) are appealing the decision to refuse 6 houses on the site.  The refusal was “because it would impair the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Telescope”.

Sept 2016: 16/4306C refused
Sept 2016: 16/4306C refused

Link to the appellant’s Statement of Case.  Statements and Interested Parties comments for the ‘informal hearing‘ are due by 3rd April 2017.

In Oct 2016 JBO opposed the application for 6 houses on the site, “In the case of the proposal 16/4306C , we oppose this development. Our view is that the impact from the additional potential contribution to the existing level of interference coming from that direction will be relatively minor. This is a general direction in which there is already significant development close to the telescope. We note that this application is one of a series that Emery Planning Partnership has made for this site….”

15/3131C  for 7 dwellings: JBO opposed and was refused Oct 2015.
15/5517C  for 2 dwellings: JBO opposed but was approved Feb 2016.
16/4306C for 6 dwellings: JBO opposed and was refused Oct 2016.
17/0680N, for 1 dwelling: JBO opposing 23/2/17.
“Jodrell Bank Observatory now opposes development across a significant part of the consultation zone as a matter of principle, in order to protect the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank radio telescope’s ability to receive radio emissions from space with a minimum of interference from electrical equipment.”
Appeal ref: 3166025   An informal hearing takes the form of a round-the-table discussion that will be led by the planning inspector. It is intended to be an informal process and allows for all parties to respond to any questions that the inspector might have, and to let everyone make their case known.
Third parties, such as local residents, councillors and amenity groups may also attend and take part in the discussion.
The majority of hearings will take no longer than a day and usually conclude with a site visit.  Sometimes, more complex proposals may take several days to discuss.  A written decision is usually made several weeks after the hearing.  Planning Portal.
.13/4266C  for 3 dwellings: JBO did not oppose but required screening measures. Aug 2014

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    It will be interesting to see how this develops. Whilst, personally, I have no objections to these smaller developments the views of Jodrell Bank will need to take precedence. We saw from the Gladman appeal that ‘Jodrell Bank transcends the 5 year housing supply’, and that existing development in Goostrey already exceeds the international guidelines for radio intereference. Also, even though Goostrey village is is part of the Goostrey Local Service Centre, the Local Plan states ‘development in terms of Goostrey will be largely met by Holmes Chapel’. Therefore the question remains what development in Goostrey village is acceptable to Jodrell Bank. Hopefully our Neighbourhood Plan will give some guidance!!

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