Appeals for housing behind Fairway Drive

Henderson Homes are appealing the refusals of two applications behind the two 2016 new-builds on Fairway Drive, Main Road (opp. Mount Pleasant).  Whilst the houses are for on the same site (Plots 3,4 & 8) there are two applications involved; 17/0680 for 1 house on plot 8 and 17/4451 for all three.  Originally refused due to the concern over impairment to Jodrell Bank.  (You will notice on the plan that there is an empty area bordered in blue – marked as plots 5,6 and 7 on previous application)

The once-upon-a-time paddock has planning history:

13/4266-granted 3 houses (but not built).  15/3131-refused 7 houses.  15/5517-granted 2 houses.

16/4306-refused & appeal dismissed 6 houses (behind the 2)….

17/0680-refused 1 house. 17/4451-refused 3; 1 house and 2 semis.  Both proposals, refused in Aug 2018, are to go to the Inspector by written representation rather than public inquiry, listed separately on the Planning Inspectorate webpage, but linked.

The lead case is for 1 house on plot 8. – (link to inspectorate page 33218817) 

but is linked to the case for 3 homes, plots 8,3&4 – (link to case 3219327)

Statements and Interested Party comments are due by 5th April 2019.



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