Apple Trees and Wildlife Hedges at Bidlea Dairy

This week’s post comes courtesy of Paul Kemsley who has organised a fantastic event to get involved in planting some hedges and trees at Bidlea Dairy! Make sure to book your slot soon to avoid missing out!

Come to Bidlea Dairy plant either an apple tree or hedgerow in your 15 minute slot.

1/ A slight change of plan owing to the lockdown, and the fact we aren’t allowed to meet up with anyone. This event must be just one household/bubble at a time, so there is one slot bookable every 15 minutes. It will still feel like a community event though as you will be adding a little to the hedge that someone else has started, or adding a tree to a brand new orchard that your friends began! We still need you to come, these trees and hedges need planting.

2/ We have traditional and rare old Cheshire variety apples to plant and a wildlife hedge. Every household/bubble that books and comes will be planting either an apple tree or hedgerow.

3/ Bring a spade and/or trowel for digging and bear in mind it will be muddy.

4/ I know it’s only a little thing, these hedges and trees, but added to all the other projects we are starting to make a real difference for our local wildlife.

5/ Many thanks to Bidlea Dairy. Why not walk over, plant trees for 15 minutes and get a milkshake from their milk bar before heading home :-). Also thanks to the Woodland Trust.

6/ Come back in 10 years time and collect apples to make a pie, looking forward to it already!

7/ All are welcome, young and not-so-young, but you must book on Eventbrite to come.

Many thanks to Paul and Bidlea Dairy!


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